September 26, 2002

Heavenly Father,

How sweet it is to stop and be with You before our day gets too far. You are here in the coolness of this morning. You are fresh and invigorating like the early morning air. We need You, Lord. You are our very life and hope. What good is life without You? Loving You is our purpose in life. We want to enter Your gates with thanksgiving and praise.

Lord, You are the maker of the galaxy. You know each and every star and grain of sand on the beach yet You know each of our hearts even more. You knew us before we were even formed in our mother’s wombs. You created us out of love. Your love goes beyond our understanding. Your love is unfathomable. We can barely comprehend the vastness of the gift of Your Son. How could You love us so much that You would send Your Only Son to die for us when we still turned our backs on You and ignored You? You wanted us in Your lives so much that You willingly gave Jesus for us! Just so we could comprehend Your love and come right now into Your Holy presence.

Father, we know we stand on Holy ground. We know You love us. Help us to love You more. Let us love unselfishly.

Lord, please forgive us when all we demand is our own way. Be patient with us as we learn to give all our lives to You and to others. Help us be willing to lay down our own lives for You. Your will is so much more perfect than ours. We could never see Your eternal plan as You do. Help us to trust You in each situation. Help us to turn to You and dwell in Your Holy presence no matter what’s going on. You are really all we need.

Father, today we ask that You make us more loving towards others. For You have said that if we say we love You, yet hate our brother we are a liar. Father, we want to do more than just say we love You. Show us how. Show us how to love others as You love us. Help us to more fully love our mate, our children and grandchildren, our neighbors, co-workers, strangers and even our enemies. Help us to love with Your unselfish love!

September 27

Holy Father,

Here we are again coming into Your presence no matter what our mood is. We know we need You. We know life just isn’t right without spending time with You. We need you like the grass needs rain. We know we whither and dry up without this time with You.

Lord, we come knowing that we will leave refreshed and renewed. We come to You because we grow weary and discouraged and unhappy without You. Everything that breathes needs You. The flowers turn their faces towards the sunlight for they know to whom they belong and where their life comes from. Father, we turn want to turn our faces to You now.

We long for Your presence. We know we cannot live an overflowing life without You. But, Lord, we also want to come to bring You joy. We know that You long for our company.

Forgive us when we rebelliously try to live our daily lives without coming to You. Forgive our busyness with things.

Lord, help us to slow down and enjoy You. Help us to be still and come to know You better. Show us more of who You are. Give us watchful eyes to see You more clearly. Help us to slow down and enjoy the many wonders You surround us with. Forgive us for being so preoccupied with manmade things.

Father, this weekend, let us all slow down and just love You and others You place around us.

September 30

Heavenly Father,

Thank You for always being here just waiting for us to turn to You. We come to You now to praise You. Father, thank you for creating us in Your image. Thank You for loving us as Your very own beloved children. We come to You no matter how we feel, for we know You are our source of life our Joy our peace our hope. Life is not worth living except when lived with You. You are what we need.

We know we can face anything with You. We never want be separated from You. You are there when everyone else has left. Even when we feel all alone, misunderstood, or rejected by this world, we know there is nowhere we could ever go that You are not with us. Thank you for never leaving us alone. Thank You for sending Your Holy Spirit to live in our hearts so we know without a doubt that You are with us.

Who or what should we fear when You are with us? You know us better than anyone else possibly could. You know us better than we know ourselves. You knew us even before we were born; while we were still being formed in our mother’s womb. You gave us each individual personalities and gifts that only You knew. You still are bringing forth our full potential as we continue to come to You and give you our lives.

Father, today we want to give You all our life, all our heart and all our soul. We willingly place ourselves completely in Your hands. You, who created us for this certain time and place, know best what we need to be. Therefore we give ourselves to You. We ask that You guide us. Show us what needs to be cut out of our life that stands in Your way. Show us how to trust You more. Show us how to look to You for everything everyday.

Father, You truly are our Father our Creator, our Guide, our Comforter, our Teacher, our Life! Help us to be still and know that You, alone, are our God.

Oct. 1

Dear Lord,

Your love is unfathomable. How can You love us so deeply and completely? You love us when we hurt. You love us when we are stubborn and rebellious. You love us when we are proud and self-righteous. Even when You see all the sin and weakness in our hearts, you still love us.

You love those who have mental disabilities and those who think they can do anything. You love those with physical handicaps and those who push their bodies to the limit. You love those who have self-confidence and those who hate who they are. You love the newborn baby and the old man who wets himself. You love the fireman who gives his life for another as well as the murderer who plots to kill.

How can You love us so? You loved Hitler, each of the terrorists who killed so many and Osama Ben Laden enough to send Your beloved Son to die for them. You loved me enough to have Jesus die in my place so I could choose to accept Your love. So I might know what real love is.

Father, thank You for such a gift! Help us to comprehend Jesus’ death for us. Thank You for the eternal life that we have even now as we give our lives to You. Father, forgive us for taking so long to ask You into our lives. Help us never forget or take for granted the high price You paid for our freedom. Let us never grow tired of spending time with the greatest love of our life. Let us love You because You first loved us!

Lord, we pray for those who have not accepted Your gift of Jesus in their hearts. Lord, we remember what it’s like to try to live without You. We choose You. We choose life. We pray for those who are still groping in the darkness without You.

Father, please soften their hearts. Use us to introduce them to You. Lord, we know You desire for each one to be brought into Your love. Remind us to love those who are still searching. Help us to pray for them. Help us to forgive them when they mock us or hurt us or misunderstand us. Help us to never give up loving them just as You never give up on us. Father, help us to tell them what You have done in our lives. Let them see us filled with Your love. Let them see the peace and joy that You give us. Let them want You for themselves. Let them know life let them know You!