May 12

Prayer – for mothers


Thank you for mothers who desire the very best for their children no matter what their ages are. Thank you for their patience and endurance for the many times their love and sacrifice goes unnoticed. Thank you for the times our children have their own kids, and finally realize how very much we love them!

Thank you mothers’ prayers that come deep from within the soul on behalf of their children. Thank you for the mothers who continue to believe and want the best for children, even when everyone else has given up on. Thank you for moms who stand their ground even when it might make them unpopular.

Please be with those moms whose children have already passed from this world before they did. Comfort their hearts and reassure them they will be reunited. Be with those mothers who gave up their children for adoption, knowing they could not give their children what they needed. Be with the moms who stepped in to care for children who were not carried in their wombs, yet they love them all the same.

Help there be forgiveness for moms who let us down and honor and respect for moms who give everything they can. Thank you, Lord, for creating moms!

May 13

Prayer- for a sinner


You are so Holy and Pure that we cannot even begin to comprehend the depth of Your love. Thank You for loving me even when I sin. You see the best in me and continue to hope that I live up to what You created me to be. How I thank You for being so patient with me.

You are my loving Father, who loves me even when I let You down. I’m so sorry when I disappoint You with my prideful attitude. Forgive me when I look down on someone else I see sinning, when all the while I am. Remind me to look into my own heart first. Father, please point out the uncleanliness and help me to turn away from it. After tasting Your holiness, there is absolutely no sin that can compare with the sweetness of being one with You. Keep me focused on You alone.

Help me love others despite their uncleanliness. Help me to be patient with them as You are with me. Let me pray for them and love them instead of judging them. Lord, draw them close to You. Draw me close to You. We are all sinners and need Jesus’ saving grace. We can all be holy because of Jesus. Instead of judging, help me to pray for myself and for others who need You so desperately. We need Your holiness.

May 16

Prayer- someone thinking of suicide


I know You have the deepest love for those who are lost and hurting. There are two people who feel desperately hopeless right now. One attempted suicide and the other is talking about it. Father, reach them in their darkness. Open their eyes that they may see a glimpse of You. Give them hope and show them the way out of the pit they have fallen in.

Help them to wait upon You and know that all is well. Help them to know that You love them more than they can ever comprehend. Make Your love known to them in a very real and personal way. Let them know they will never be alone. Let them see their value in Your eyes. Heal the deep hurts that have driven them to such despair. Let them taste true joy in knowing You.

Let them feel Your hand as You lead them through the valley of the shadow of death. Help them to recognize the lies and schemes of Satan and turn away from him. Let them listen to the truth of Your love for them. Father, I also pray for those who are reaching out to them right now. Give them Your wisdom and love and compassion. Let them see Jesus in those who are with them. Let them reach out and take Your hand and walk with You into a fresh new life of hope.

May 19

Prayer- soon-to-be-born babies and parents


Life is such a miracle! I have three nieces who are expecting babies right now. One just found out; one is due to give birth any time and the other is carrying twins! Father, Only You can create a new life where there was nothing at all before! Only You can form these new souls in their mother’s wombs. You already intimately know these unnamed babies. You know whether they will be shy or loud, studious or athletic, calm or hyper. You know the plans You’ve made for their lives.

Father, I pray that You bless these little babies even while they are still in their mother’s wombs. Prepare their moms and their dads for the exciting and challenging job of being parents. Reassure any uncertainties. Remind them You will be with them through middle-of-the-night feedings, learning to ride their first bike, middle school chaos, driving a car, and going on dates. Father, thank You that we don’t have to know everything about being a parent before we become one. Thank You that You train us as we train our children.

Thank You for the absolute joy and honor of being parents. Thank You for sharing Your children with us and entrusting us to love and care for them. Thank You for being our parent and the parent to our children (whether unborn or stepping out into independence!)

May 20, 2003

Prayer- for unborn twins at risk


OK- Lord, I know You had me pray for those unborn babies and their parents for a reason yesterday. Now the mother of the twins is in the hospital and they are trying desperately to hold off the labor she’s trying to go into.

Father, I know that You know these two little boys who are not due to be born until September. I know that You formed them (and still are) with Your very own hands. Father, I know You have plans for them and I trust that You know exactly what is perfectly right for each baby boy and their parents, Mike and Melissa. I ask You to bless this situation and keep everyone in Your perfect care.

Lord, I pray for Mike and Melissa’s faith in You (and everyone else’s involved- including mine!) I pray that our faith in You grows as we trust You through this situation. These are Your boys, Father. Mike and Melissa are Your children, also. Please let Your peace that goes beyond understanding completely flow over them and through them right now. Reassure them that You are indeed with them and their babies.

Inspire and encourage the doctors, nurses and family. Remind each person to turn to You at this time and to put these two tiny lives in Your hands. You know what is absolutely best. We trust You. Bless Melissa and calm her soul and her body. Let her rest in Your care. Give Mike peace as he turns to You. Thank You, Father, for hearing our prayers. We know You are already working in this situation and we wait upon You to finish the work that You began.

May 21, 2003

Prayer- for Your twins


Another prayer for the twins who were born yesterday. One died, and one is fighting to live at 1 lb. 6 oz. Father, it is so comforting to know they are both in Your tender care. They are both Your boys and You love each of them. Little Braden is already Home in Heaven with You. Little Dillon came into this world fighting and that’s what he continues to do in the Neonatal ICU.

You have specific plans for each one of those boys. You know the number of hairs on their tiny heads and the plans for their lives in this world and in their eternal Home. Father, thank You for the miraculous gift of both boys!

Please continue to comfort and give extra strength to Mike and Melissa (Dad & Mom) and each of the grandparents and friends and family members. Thank You for the miracle of new life and for the absolute promise of eternal life (which is a lot longer than this life will ever be!) Thank You for the reassurance that twins separated at birth can be reunited forever with You. Thank You for the joy to come and the joy here on earth!

May 22, 2003

Prayer- for a new life in You


It’s so exciting to see new life in You. Thank you for letting me witness a new creation taking place. A much loved and prayed for relative is discovering for himself that You are ALIVE!

He’s finding out that Your Word is the LIVING WORD! the words are not just empty words in a Bible- that You are speaking to him! He’s hungering and thirsting after You. May You help him to desire to do more than just be born as a new creature. May You help him grow and mature deeply and quickly so he may know more and more of you. Don’t let him be satisfied with being born. Let his hunger and thirst for you lead him ever closer to You. Let his passion for You spill over to those around him. Let his joy in You grow as he learns there is no end to getting to know You. May every day of his life be an adventure of living with You.

How I praise You for the overflowing abundant life in You. Thank You for seeing someone else come to know You in such a real way. Bless this new life in You and remind me to never take my life with You for granted. You are my joyful loving Lord. Continue to reveal Yourself to those who truly turn to You with all their heart, minds and souls.

May 23

Prayer- for those going through trials


I love coming to You. You are my source of life, strength, hope and love. Father, there are several friends and family members going through very challenging trials right now. Lord, I pray on their behalf. I know that You know them and love them even more than I do. As much as I want good things for their lives, You desire even better things. I have no doubt that You hold their lives and their futures in Your hands. There are no better hands to be in. Help them to wait upon You.

Help them to turn to You for everything- for calmness, for strength, for wisdom, for hope, for patience. As they turn to You, fill them with Your Holy Spirit and reassure them they are not alone. Remind them that You are God and that You have good plans for them- better than we could ever scheme up ourselves. Father, help them to trust You through the fog of uncertainty. Let their certainty be found in You and not in their circumstances.

Father, I pray that the very second worries and fears threaten to edge their way in that You remind them to immediately turn to You. Help them take their eyes off the stormy raging seas and walk on water with You. Let them know the joy of depending on You alone when everything around tells them to panic. Father, during these trials- help their faith in You to grow even deeper. Father, I pray for my dear ones who are walking through the fire. Let them see You are walking through it with them- and they will not be burned.

May 27

Prayer- Memorial Day


Thank You for the wonderful people You’ve put in my life who have already won the race and gone home to You. Thank You for the witness of their lives. How I miss them, yet rejoice for them- knowing they are enjoying Your very presence and the home You’ve prepared just for them.

Thank You that they lived with Your spirit shining through in such a way that it drew me closer to You. Thank You for their faith in You through the difficult parts of this earthly life. I saw them lean on You and receive the help and the guidance they needed. Thank You for the unselfish way I saw them live- loving me and loving others- but most of all- loving You.

Father, I look forward to the time when I will be at Home in heaven with them and with You. I pray that You help me live my life so filled with You, that if others look to me- they will see You. I pray that if there are those who follow me- they will see me following You and they will find You for themselves. Let my memorial be a life pointed towards You.