June 2, 2003

Prayer- in awe of You!!

Holy Father,

We have been on vacation and I have stood in awe of Your majestic creation. Standing at the top of an Oklahoma mountain, I have looked across the wilderness and seen the spread of Your hand in a thick forest of millions of trees and the quiet reflection of a clear lake. I have walked through the woods and seen the tiny minute details in the mosses and ferns, the birds and squirrels.

I have been flabbergasted by the way You have put it all together to work in perfect harmony and gave it to us- Your most beloved children to enjoy. Father, if I can be so moved by standing in one small place on this planet and be amazed by Your creation, I can only imagine being overwhelmed by being in Your presence.

Father, I don’t want to get caught up in the silly meaningless things that pull me away from You. I don’t want to wait until I pass from this life into the next. Don’t let me settle for being captivated by man-made things. Don’t even let me settle for being overwhelmed by Your creation. I desire You. I want to stand in Your presence and be amazed by who You are- even now! Come, Holy Spirit, come! Let me just stand here in Your presence and be amazed!!!

June 4

Prayer- choices


Thank You for loving me and never giving up on me! I think of the times one of my children was old enough to have free choice and they made a wrong decision. How it broke my heart. Yet it didn’t diminish my love. How could I ever not love my child? In fact, my love seemed even more intense as I prayed and hoped they would see the right way. I never gave up hope that they would return to Your ways.

It is so amazing that you give us free choice. When our children are younger, they don’t have as much choice. They have to obey. When they reach a certain maturity, I can no longer “force” them to choose the right path. They have the freedom to choose for themselves and I have no control over it (except for all the training to that time, and all the prayers during it!)

It can be so disappointing and heart-breaking when they make a wrong choice. I think of the wrong choices I have made in my life and I know You have completely forgiven and forgotten them. I’m sorry for the sadness I must have caused Your heart, yet I am so thankful that You loved me so much that You never gave up on me. You led me through it and saved me. You always believed in the possibilities You created in me.

I think of what joy it brings me when I see my children freely chose the right way. It makes me long to choose in a way that brings delight and blessings to You. I use my free choice to choose You!!

June 5, 2003

Prayer- Your mercy!


Thank You for Your mercy on us. I wonder how sin looks to You. Is it ugly and disgusting? Is it a slap in Your face? Is it a nail in Your hand? Is it pure rebellion and disrespect? Is it heart breaking? Is it worthy of death and destruction? I look around at this world and see so much sin, I am overwhelmed. Yet just when I see others’ sin and become disgusted- You show me that pride and self- righteousness are the worst sins of all. We are all sinners without You.

You are completely pure and holy. There is absolutely no flaws or impurities in You. You are perfect- yet You are love. Sin stands in the way between us, and You can’t stand to be apart from us.

We are sinful, yet we are Your children. Your greatest hope and desire must be for us to be holy and pure so we can be one with You. You want that so badly that You sent Jesus- Your very own Son – to die in our place so we might be holy.

You urge us to ask Jesus into our hearts so we can become pure and become intimately involved with You. Your love and Jesus’ pure blood immediately makes us white as snow. You no longer see sin, just the one You love so deeply. Thank You for loving me, for loving all of us! Your mercy and love go beyond our human comprehension- yet it becomes more real each day in Your presence.

June 6, 2003

Prayer- for the crises


I’m glad things are not always what they appear to be. Thank You for the times we make it through what seems like the worst crisis in the world and then we get a glimpse of what You’ve been doing. Thank You that we can look back in our lives and see how You’ve turned what appeared to be “Bad” situations and used them for Your great plan.

Father, it is good to know we can trust You in ALL situations and know that You are God. You know what You are making. The pain and the discomfort, or even the inconvenience, will ultimately be worth the outcome. I look back to some of the crisis times in my life. I thought I would be crushed and brought to ruin, but You used each one to mold me and bless me. I wouldn’t change a step of my path- even the painful parts- for it has all led me to a deeper relationship with You.

Lord, I pray for several loved ones now- who are feeling the heaviness of the trials of this world. May You help them to realize quickly that You will never leave them alone. May they soon discover that their lives are not out of hand- they are in Your hands. Let them rest in the knowledge that You are leading them into undiscovered territories of living with You. Help them know You in a whole new way as they hold Your hand through the rocky treacherous path. Lead them to the mountaintop where they can get a glimpse of the big view. Reassure them all is well.

June 9, 2003

Prayer- leaving and coming home!


If you made us all in Your image, You must have infinite characteristics! I look at each of my children and stand in awe of their uniqueness. Each is a thought by You- a special gift to the world and to me. Yet they are not mine.

What a delightful (and at times heart-breaking) responsibility You have entrusted my husband and me with. At times I wonder if You allow us to be parents so we can better understand and love You.

A one-of-a-kind spirit is formed inside us from nothing at all- except love. As this tiny person (whom You already know) develops, You bond us together in love, as we feel the little life begin to move and express it’s own personality. You entrust us with this helpless and vulnerable soul to care for and instruct until it becomes mature enough to make it’s own choices. Even then, You place in parents the urge to run along side of them and coach them as they find their way in this life.

Then comes the time You knew would happen. They are ready for freedom (whether we think so or not!) They pull away from us to choose their own way. As parents, we are both proud and sad at the same time. As they go off into the world, there is a chance they might never come back. It’s their choice. Their path might lead them far away. Our hearts ache to have them back. But love says to let them go.

What joy when a grown child chooses to come back (in spirit- not to live!) What a day when they freely show they love You and are grateful for your love. What a day to celebrate when we see them living their lives (freely by their own choice) in a way that honors You! Father, help us all to choose to come home to You!

June 11, 2003

Prayer- knocking on the door

My Daddy, My Father,

I remember seeing that beautiful painting where Jesus stands at the door and knocks. You told us that You knock at our door, and when we hear Your voice and open the door, You will come into us and dine with us.

Father, looking back, You have been patiently knocking on my door all my life. You have been softly and tenderly calling my name since childhood. You have longed for my company. For so long, I was too busy with other things to answer the door. I knew You were there if I ever needed You, but I didn’t necessarily want to spend my whole life with You. There was too much other noise and distraction in my life to hear Your still small voice. Yet, You kept knocking and calling. You kept waiting and hoping. You knocked, and sought me with all Your heart- out of love.

What a wonderful day when I finally answered the door and asked You into my heart. If I had only known- I would have asked You in sooner! It’s an overflowing abundant life with You. There is always more to feast on every day.

Now I come to You and knock. You promise that when we seek, we will find. When we knock, the door will be opened. I knock on Your door and seek You with all my heart -out of love. I desire to dine with You all the time. Jesus, You are my Bread of Life. Jesus, You are the door.

June 11

Prayer- MISSION OKC tonight!!!! (Billy Graham)


It is so amazing to see You at work all around. Thank You for giving me open eyes to see. Tonight is the start of the MISSION OKC (Billy Graham Crusade) at the Ford Center. There has already been so much prayer surrounding this that when I walked in for my ushering training, I felt Your Spirit everywhere. Father, be with every person involved tonight from the ushers, greeters, singers, musicians, sound and lighting techs, wheelchair pushers, bus drivers, speakers and Dr. Graham.

Fill each person with Your Holy Spirit and let those who walk in those doors or see it on TV know that You are there. Let them be overwhelmed by Your love and Your presence!

Father, I pray for those who come. Let this be a holy meeting between them and You. Prepare their hearts. Let them feel that hunger for You that we were made with. Let them be ready to invite Jesus into their hearts and may their lives be forever new in You.

Thank You for the unity of spirit that draws so many of Your children together despite differences in how we worship You. Thank You for the way You have led so many people together to work together in harmony for this week. Let us all worship and adore you together!!!

Father, I pray BIG! I pray that individual lives come to You and I pray that our city and state and all the churches find a passionate revival of new life in You! Bless this night, this week, this mission. Let us all bring joy to You!!!

June 13, 2003

Prayer- new lives from last night


I rejoice with You over Your loved ones who came to You last night at the Billy Graham mission. There are lives who will never be the same. They asked Jesus into their hearts and they will never again be alone. They will go through life following You from this point all through eternity! Thank You for letting me be a part of it. Thank You for the ones that touched my heart out of the hundreds who made the decision to turn to You.

From my little area as an usher, I saw many pass by as I directed them to the nearest escalator to go down to the floor level. There was a holiness as they all walked past. Some walked alone. Others had loved ones holding their hands or their arms. Some were weeping. Others were filled with joy. Some were determined.

I pray for the man in his thirties with long hair and tattoos who walked towards me with joy seeping from every pore. He saw me smiling and grabbed me in a hug, praising “Jesus, Jesus!” and then walked on into a new life. I pray for the young boy (about ten) who walked with more serious determination than most adults, all by himself. I wonder what You will do in his life, Lord. I pray for two of my loved ones who I later found out went forward. May You guide them and help them to grow deep in You, Lord.

Father, we pray for more new lives in You!

June 19

Prayer- children & Vacation Bible School


I praise You for summer time and the chance to spend more time with my own children and other children! I love Vacation Bible School! Thank You for all the people giving their time, their love and their energy to hold up Jesus to children.

Lord, thank You for the spiritual hunger of children and their open acceptance of You. Help us all to be as open and eager as these children are. They just naturally love You and desire to know more about You. Father, help each child to make the decision to ask You into their hearts early in their lives. Let them hide all Your words deep in their hearts so as they get older, they will not depart from You.

Father, I pray for the children who have no Vacation Bible School to go to (or no one to invite them or even suggest such a thing.) Father, I pray for more believers to take seriously the call to draw children and young people to You. There are still so many children who grow up imprisoned in darkness and without hope. Help us to seize every opportunity to show children and young people Your love. There are many who have never known love. This world can be so hard even for adults (especially for those who do not know You personally.) May we all help more children turn to You so they might know You all the days of their lives and beyond!!!

June 23

Prayer- Water me, Lord!

Lord Jesus,

You are my LIVING water! I went out to my garden this morning after being gone for several days. Many of my plants were wilted! They were desperate for water. As I soaked them, I thought of how I need you desperately. If I try to go very long without coming to You for deep refreshment- my spirit will wilt. I need you every day!

I can try to go through a day without You, but my peace and joy and love grow limp. Life becomes dry and withered without You. I am not much good to myself or anyone else. Even if I try to serve You, if I am dry- it is meaningless. My words, my actions, my very thoughts are useless unless Your Holy water is running through my spirit.

Lord, I come to You now to just soak You up. I come thirsty for You! I come to lay down in Your green pastures and lie beside Your still waters. I come to have my soul restored. Fill me, Holy Spirit! I stand before You knowing that as You fill me- I can do all things. With Your Living water flowing through me, I can go about my day and even the smallest encounters can become holy!! I can bloom and produce eternal results as you live in me!! Here I am! Fill me up!!

June 24, 2003

Prayer for a troubled marriage


You know that my heart is heavy this morning. We have two dear friends who are considering divorce. It breaks my heart. I know You designed marriage so two people could become one- on the same team. You want us to work together so that we can be there for one another through everything this life offers: Through pain, through joy, through sickness, through fun vacations, through job loss, through financial ups and downs, through having children together or even through not being able to have children together.

Father, You want us to leave our own self-centered lives and truly be there for one another. Marriage can be hard work. It goes against our human nature to put someone else first. We want our own needs to be met. You call us to serve our partner.

Father, I pray for this couple who are under attack. They are each listening to Satan who tells them they should just go their own way. It might seem easier, but Father, I believe there will be even more heartache alone, than sticking it out together. Father, please speak to their hearts. Let them each desire to be on the same team instead of living in such opposition to one another. Lord, give them the desire to try to be a blessing to their partner. Let them begin to see all the good things in one another. Let them see the gift You’ve given them in their soul mate. Draw them back into oneness. Help them make a commitment to bless one another and make it work.

Please do not let Satan win this battle. Give them each open eyes to see what’s going on. Let love win out. Let them turn to You for help. Let Your love flow through them and show them how to make their way through this battle. May a strong marriage come out on the other side of this. After this storm, may they know they can make it through anything with Your help. Let a rock solid marriage and home come out of this trial. May their children see that a good marriage is worth fighting for. May everyone around them see the miracle of Your love prevail.

Father, thank You for the sweetness of marriage.

June 25, 2003

Prayer- for disappointments


Two of my sons have recently had discouraging disappointments in their lives. Lord, You know the mommy part of me wants to take away all their pain and make everything better. Then You remind me of all the times in my life that You have taken my disappointments and made something absolutely beautiful out of them! Who am I to know what’s best?

You, alone know my children (and me) better than anyone else. You know the plans You’ve made for each of them. How many times have I pleaded for a certain thing- only to find out later that You had something much better in mind!

Father, take my sons’ disappointments. Let this be a time in their lives that they turn to You for comfort, encouragement and direction. Help them learn to trust You and to wait upon You. I know it’s been hard in my life to learn to wait upon You, but I’m so glad that I have. May they also learn to be still before You and know that You are, indeed, leading them. You know what doors to close and what doors will be opening soon. May each of my sons learn the joy of trusting in Your leading. Let them marvel as they see You working in their lives for themselves!

June 26, 2003

Prayer- thunderstorms


Thank You for last night. I stood with my door open watching the thunderstorm. It was just You and me. You were all around me, surrounding me with Your glory and Your power and Your gentleness. How can You, the God of all the Universe love ME so intimately?

Lord, if I had nothing but You, I would have absolutely everything I need to be complete and whole. You are my best friend, my guide, my Teacher, my comforter, the very love of my life! I can talk to You about anything and everything. You understand me and know me and STILL LOVE ME!

You look past my shortcomings and bring out the very best in me. As much as I know You love me- You love others just as intimately. I know You are with my friend in CA who feels all alone there. I have no doubt that You are using this time in her life to let her feel that “just You and me” intimacy. I also know that You are the same God to my friend in Idaho whose husband just passed on. And to someone in Iraq who knows that You are with them when they feel all alone. Lord, let them fall so deeply in love with You that they will know all the days of their lives that You are with them. Let them find everything they need in You.

Father, I also thank You for all the millions of blessings You have showered me with beyond just Yourself! Even though I have all I need in You, You have surrounded me with family, friends, trees and flowers, sunsets and thunderstorms! You have bathed me in love! I am blessed beyond words!!!

June 30, 2003

Prayer- Divine encounter


Thank You for what society might call a “coincidence” yesterday. I call it another of Your “Divine encounters.” Because of a set of unusual circumstances, my husband and I ended up at a restaurant we hadn’t been to in ages. Our waitress happened to be a young girl who we hadn’t seen in almost two years who obviously needed a spiritual boost.

She ended up meeting us at church after work. Father, she confessed some major mistakes and is desperately trying to make it on her own. She feels as if everyone else in her life has turned their back on her. Although she tries to appear very self-efficient, she is very vulnerable, alone and needy. She needs You! She is struggling with the choices she has made and says she wants to get back on Your path.

Help her to see the very moment she thought about turning her life back around, You were there to point her in the right direction through “coincidences” no one else could have maneuvered. Let her see deep in her heart that You have been with her even in her journey through the dark side. And now, let her hear Jesus’ voice calling her back into the Light.

Father, I’m not sure we will see her again. She avoided giving us her address and phone number. I pray that we do. More importantly, I pray that whatever was said and done in our “chance meeting” goes way beyond what I could ever do on my own. I pray that Your Holy Spirit goes with her when I cannot and continues to guide her and lead her closer to You. If it is Your will, bring her back again. If she goes on and I do not see her again, I will continue to pray for this beautiful child of Yours who stands between disaster and abundant life with You. Let the “Divine encounter” yesterday continue to call her to You! Go with her, Lord, and arrange many more such encounters in her life!