Heavenly Father,

There are some moments that are without a doubt orchestrated by You. In truth, there are probably many more such encounters than we can count or imagine. But there have been many highly noticeable such meetings in a row the last couple of days. One of the first came when both of us ended up at Walmart, of all places. My husband never shops at Walmart, but he wanted to get something. They didn’t have it, so we started to leave. On the spur of the moment, I asked him if he wanted to get a pair of sunglasses. We headed to the twirling rack to pick out a pair. As the display turned, a familiar face jumped out at me on the other side of the rack! I hadn’t seen her at church lately. She was just as surprised to see me. She also was heading for the cashier but at the last minute stopped in the same area at the perfect time. She had quit coming to church over some hurt feelings. We had a wonderful conversation. Just as I was about to hug her and say goodbye, she spoke out loud, “OK!!! I got the message! I will be there Sunday!” I think she was talking to You, Lord, and not to me for I hadn’t coerced her at all. However, she was in church today and was happier than ever!

Then as I turned to say hi to people during the Meet & Greet segment of worship, someone grabbed my hand and asked me to come talk. It turns out, this friend was facing a monumental task that You were obviously calling her to. She knew she would obey, but needed prayer to remind her where she gets her strength when she feels weak. I had just read a short scripture before church that reminded us of Your power and authority. It was what we both needed. I know You will work through her weakness (and mine) to show Your strength! …Then a friend shared a moving song with me after a baby shower today that ministered to me and in return, I will use it to help others…As I was leaving the baby shower,  I just happened to run into another friend that was waiting on her husband who was in a meeting. We hadn’t had time to talk in a while. She shared what You are doing in their lives and the big step of faith they have taken. Not only was it a joy to hear her testimony, it again ministered to me as I take my own big step of faith.

Father, I love to see You move in people and situations to bring about eternal results. You are so much more involved in our lives than we can comprehend. Your timing is perfect. There is nothing that can happen that You cannot turn into good. The more I live with You, the more I see these divine moments. The more I see You work, the more I trust You. The more I am willing to die to my old self, the more I know You are with me.  I love encountering You everywhere I go! I love You every moment!



“Jesus did many other things as well. If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written.”   John 21:25



Prayer Prompt-

Father, help me live with You every moment and begin sharing eternal moments with You even now. These are some ways I’ve seen You work lately…

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