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My Prayer Peek/your Prayer Prompt- quiet peace in a chaotic world

Most Gracious Heavenly Father, This world is so noisy and full of chaos. Non-stop news consistently tries to rattle our nerves. Continuous conversations on social media and cell phones clamor for our attention and response. Deadlines, arguments over issues, conflicting reports, background noise, and earphones always filling our thoughts with subliminal messages. In fact, it […]

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My Prayer Peek/ your prayer prompt- sheltered with You

Most Glorious Heavenly Father God, I’ve been sheltered-in-place for about eleven weeks. I’m usually going places, working hard, and interacting personally with a lot of people. During this pandemic sheltering, my life has slowed to what would appear to some as a standstill, but my roots in Christ are growing deeper once again. I was […]