June 2, 2003

Prayer- in awe of You!!

Holy Father,

We have been on vacation and I have stood in awe of Your majestic creation. Standing at the top of an Oklahoma mountain, I have looked across the wilderness and seen the spread of Your hand in a thick forest of millions of trees and the quiet reflection of a clear lake. I have walked through the woods and seen the tiny minute details in the mosses and ferns, the birds and squirrels.

I have been flabbergasted by the way You have put it all together to work in perfect harmony and gave it to us- Your most beloved children to enjoy. Father, if I can be so moved by standing in one small place on this planet and be amazed by Your creation, I can only imagine being overwhelmed by being in Your presence.

Father, I don’t want to get caught up in the silly meaningless things that pull me away from You. I don’t want to wait until I pass from this life into the next. Don’t let me settle for being captivated by man-made things. Don’t even let me settle for being overwhelmed by Your creation. I desire You. I want to stand in Your presence and be amazed by who You are- even now! Come, Holy Spirit, come! Let me just stand here in Your presence and be amazed!!!

June 4

Prayer- choices


Thank You for loving me and never giving up on me! I think of the times one of my children was old enough to have free choice and they made a wrong decision. How it broke my heart. Yet it didn’t diminish my love. How could I ever not love my child? In fact, my love seemed even more intense as I prayed and hoped they would see the right way. I never gave up hope that they would return to Your ways.

It is so amazing that you give us free choice. When our children are younger, they don’t have as much choice. They have to obey. When they reach a certain maturity, I can no longer “force” them to choose the right path. They have the freedom to choose for themselves and I have no control over it (except for all the training to that time, and all the prayers during it!)

It can be so disappointing and heart-breaking when they make a wrong choice. I think of the wrong choices I have made in my life and I know You have completely forgiven and forgotten them. I’m sorry for the sadness I must have caused Your heart, yet I am so thankful that You loved me so much that You never gave up on me. You led me through it and saved me. You always believed in the possibilities You created in me.

I think of what joy it brings me when I see my children freely chose the right way. It makes me long to choose in a way that brings delight and blessings to You. I use my free choice to choose You!!

June 5, 2003

Prayer- Your mercy!


Thank You for Your mercy on us. I wonder how sin looks to You. Is it ugly and disgusting? Is it a slap in Your face? Is it a nail in Your hand? Is it pure rebellion and disrespect? Is it heart breaking? Is it worthy of death and destruction? I look around at this world and see so much sin, I am overwhelmed. Yet just when I see others’ sin and become disgusted- You show me that pride and self- righteousness are the worst sins of all. We are all sinners without You.

You are completely pure and holy. There is absolutely no flaws or impurities in You. You are perfect- yet You are love. Sin stands in the way between us, and You can’t stand to be apart from us.

We are sinful, yet we are Your children. Your greatest hope and desire must be for us to be holy and pure so we can be one with You. You want that so badly that You sent Jesus- Your very own Son – to die in our place so we might be holy.

You urge us to ask Jesus into our hearts so we can become pure and become intimately involved with You. Your love and Jesus’ pure blood immediately makes us white as snow. You no longer see sin, just the one You love so deeply. Thank You for loving me, for loving all of us! Your mercy and love go beyond our human comprehension- yet it becomes more real each day in Your presence.

June 6, 2003

Prayer- for the crises


I’m glad things are not always what they appear to be. Thank You for the times we make it through what seems like the worst crisis in the world and then we get a glimpse of what You’ve been doing. Thank You that we can look back in our lives and see how You’ve turned what appeared to be “Bad” situations and used them for Your great plan.

Father, it is good to know we can trust You in ALL situations and know that You are God. You know what You are making. The pain and the discomfort, or even the inconvenience, will ultimately be worth the outcome. I look back to some of the crisis times in my life. I thought I would be crushed and brought to ruin, but You used each one to mold me and bless me. I wouldn’t change a step of my path- even the painful parts- for it has all led me to a deeper relationship with You.

Lord, I pray for several loved ones now- who are feeling the heaviness of the trials of this world. May You help them to realize quickly that You will never leave them alone. May they soon discover that their lives are not out of hand- they are in Your hands. Let them rest in the knowledge that You are leading them into undiscovered territories of living with You. Help them know You in a whole new way as they hold Your hand through the rocky treacherous path. Lead them to the mountaintop where they can get a glimpse of the big view. Reassure them all is well.

June 9, 2003

Prayer- leaving and coming home!


If you made us all in Your image, You must have infinite characteristics! I look at each of my children and stand in awe of their uniqueness. Each is a thought by You- a special gift to the world and to me. Yet they are not mine.

What a delightful (and at times heart-breaking) responsibility You have entrusted my husband and me with. At times I wonder if You allow us to be parents so we can better understand and love You.

A one-of-a-kind spirit is formed inside us from nothing at all- except love. As this tiny person (whom You already know) develops, You bond us together in love, as we feel the little life begin to move and express it’s own personality. You entrust us with this helpless and vulnerable soul to care for and instruct until it becomes mature enough to make it’s own choices. Even then, You place in parents the urge to run along side of them and coach them as they find their way in this life.

Then comes the time You knew would happen. They are ready for freedom (whether we think so or not!) They pull away from us to choose their own way. As parents, we are both proud and sad at the same time. As they go off into the world, there is a chance they might never come back. It’s their choice. Their path might lead them far away. Our hearts ache to have them back. But love says to let them go.

What joy when a grown child chooses to come back (in spirit- not to live!) What a day when they freely show they love You and are grateful for your love. What a day to celebrate when we see them living their lives (freely by their own choice) in a way that honors You! Father, help us all to choose to come home to You!

June 11, 2003

Prayer- knocking on the door

My Daddy, My Father,

I remember seeing that beautiful painting where Jesus stands at the door and knocks. You told us that You knock at our door, and when we hear Your voice and open the door, You will come into us and dine with us.

Father, looking back, You have been patiently knocking on my door all my life. You have been softly and tenderly calling my name since childhood. You have longed for my company. For so long, I was too busy with other things to answer the door. I knew You were there if I ever needed You, but I didn’t necessarily want to spend my whole life with You. There was too much other noise and distraction in my life to hear Your still small voice. Yet, You kept knocking and calling. You kept waiting and hoping. You knocked, and sought me with all Your heart- out of love.

What a wonderful day when I finally answered the door and asked You into my heart. If I had only known- I would have asked You in sooner! It’s an overflowing abundant life with You. There is always more to feast on every day.

Now I come to You and knock. You promise that when we seek, we will find. When we knock, the door will be opened. I knock on Your door and seek You with all my heart -out of love. I desire to dine with You all the time. Jesus, You are my Bread of Life. Jesus, You are the door.

June 11

Prayer- MISSION OKC tonight!!!! (Billy Graham)


It is so amazing to see You at work all around. Thank You for giving me open eyes to see. Tonight is the start of the MISSION OKC (Billy Graham Crusade) at the Ford Center. There has already been so much prayer surrounding this that when I walked in for my ushering training, I felt Your Spirit everywhere. Father, be with every person involved tonight from the ushers, greeters, singers, musicians, sound and lighting techs, wheelchair pushers, bus drivers, speakers and Dr. Graham.

Fill each person with Your Holy Spirit and let those who walk in those doors or see it on TV know that You are there. Let them be overwhelmed by Your love and Your presence!

Father, I pray for those who come. Let this be a holy meeting between them and You. Prepare their hearts. Let them feel that hunger for You that we were made with. Let them be ready to invite Jesus into their hearts and may their lives be forever new in You.

Thank You for the unity of spirit that draws so many of Your children together despite differences in how we worship You. Thank You for the way You have led so many people together to work together in harmony for this week. Let us all worship and adore you together!!!

Father, I pray BIG! I pray that individual lives come to You and I pray that our city and state and all the churches find a passionate revival of new life in You! Bless this night, this week, this mission. Let us all bring joy to You!!!

June 13, 2003

Prayer- new lives from last night


I rejoice with You over Your loved ones who came to You last night at the Billy Graham mission. There are lives who will never be the same. They asked Jesus into their hearts and they will never again be alone. They will go through life following You from this point all through eternity! Thank You for letting me be a part of it. Thank You for the ones that touched my heart out of the hundreds who made the decision to turn to You.

From my little area as an usher, I saw many pass by as I directed them to the nearest escalator to go down to the floor level. There was a holiness as they all walked past. Some walked alone. Others had loved ones holding their hands or their arms. Some were weeping. Others were filled with joy. Some were determined.

I pray for the man in his thirties with long hair and tattoos who walked towards me with joy seeping from every pore. He saw me smiling and grabbed me in a hug, praising “Jesus, Jesus!” and then walked on into a new life. I pray for the young boy (about ten) who walked with more serious determination than most adults, all by himself. I wonder what You will do in his life, Lord. I pray for two of my loved ones who I later found out went forward. May You guide them and help them to grow deep in You, Lord.

Father, we pray for more new lives in You!

June 19

Prayer- children & Vacation Bible School


I praise You for summer time and the chance to spend more time with my own children and other children! I love Vacation Bible School! Thank You for all the people giving their time, their love and their energy to hold up Jesus to children.

Lord, thank You for the spiritual hunger of children and their open acceptance of You. Help us all to be as open and eager as these children are. They just naturally love You and desire to know more about You. Father, help each child to make the decision to ask You into their hearts early in their lives. Let them hide all Your words deep in their hearts so as they get older, they will not depart from You.

Father, I pray for the children who have no Vacation Bible School to go to (or no one to invite them or even suggest such a thing.) Father, I pray for more believers to take seriously the call to draw children and young people to You. There are still so many children who grow up imprisoned in darkness and without hope. Help us to seize every opportunity to show children and young people Your love. There are many who have never known love. This world can be so hard even for adults (especially for those who do not know You personally.) May we all help more children turn to You so they might know You all the days of their lives and beyond!!!

June 23

Prayer- Water me, Lord!

Lord Jesus,

You are my LIVING water! I went out to my garden this morning after being gone for several days. Many of my plants were wilted! They were desperate for water. As I soaked them, I thought of how I need you desperately. If I try to go very long without coming to You for deep refreshment- my spirit will wilt. I need you every day!

I can try to go through a day without You, but my peace and joy and love grow limp. Life becomes dry and withered without You. I am not much good to myself or anyone else. Even if I try to serve You, if I am dry- it is meaningless. My words, my actions, my very thoughts are useless unless Your Holy water is running through my spirit.

Lord, I come to You now to just soak You up. I come thirsty for You! I come to lay down in Your green pastures and lie beside Your still waters. I come to have my soul restored. Fill me, Holy Spirit! I stand before You knowing that as You fill me- I can do all things. With Your Living water flowing through me, I can go about my day and even the smallest encounters can become holy!! I can bloom and produce eternal results as you live in me!! Here I am! Fill me up!!

June 24, 2003

Prayer for a troubled marriage


You know that my heart is heavy this morning. We have two dear friends who are considering divorce. It breaks my heart. I know You designed marriage so two people could become one- on the same team. You want us to work together so that we can be there for one another through everything this life offers: Through pain, through joy, through sickness, through fun vacations, through job loss, through financial ups and downs, through having children together or even through not being able to have children together.

Father, You want us to leave our own self-centered lives and truly be there for one another. Marriage can be hard work. It goes against our human nature to put someone else first. We want our own needs to be met. You call us to serve our partner.

Father, I pray for this couple who are under attack. They are each listening to Satan who tells them they should just go their own way. It might seem easier, but Father, I believe there will be even more heartache alone, than sticking it out together. Father, please speak to their hearts. Let them each desire to be on the same team instead of living in such opposition to one another. Lord, give them the desire to try to be a blessing to their partner. Let them begin to see all the good things in one another. Let them see the gift You’ve given them in their soul mate. Draw them back into oneness. Help them make a commitment to bless one another and make it work.

Please do not let Satan win this battle. Give them each open eyes to see what’s going on. Let love win out. Let them turn to You for help. Let Your love flow through them and show them how to make their way through this battle. May a strong marriage come out on the other side of this. After this storm, may they know they can make it through anything with Your help. Let a rock solid marriage and home come out of this trial. May their children see that a good marriage is worth fighting for. May everyone around them see the miracle of Your love prevail.

Father, thank You for the sweetness of marriage.

June 25, 2003

Prayer- for disappointments


Two of my sons have recently had discouraging disappointments in their lives. Lord, You know the mommy part of me wants to take away all their pain and make everything better. Then You remind me of all the times in my life that You have taken my disappointments and made something absolutely beautiful out of them! Who am I to know what’s best?

You, alone know my children (and me) better than anyone else. You know the plans You’ve made for each of them. How many times have I pleaded for a certain thing- only to find out later that You had something much better in mind!

Father, take my sons’ disappointments. Let this be a time in their lives that they turn to You for comfort, encouragement and direction. Help them learn to trust You and to wait upon You. I know it’s been hard in my life to learn to wait upon You, but I’m so glad that I have. May they also learn to be still before You and know that You are, indeed, leading them. You know what doors to close and what doors will be opening soon. May each of my sons learn the joy of trusting in Your leading. Let them marvel as they see You working in their lives for themselves!

June 26, 2003

Prayer- thunderstorms


Thank You for last night. I stood with my door open watching the thunderstorm. It was just You and me. You were all around me, surrounding me with Your glory and Your power and Your gentleness. How can You, the God of all the Universe love ME so intimately?

Lord, if I had nothing but You, I would have absolutely everything I need to be complete and whole. You are my best friend, my guide, my Teacher, my comforter, the very love of my life! I can talk to You about anything and everything. You understand me and know me and STILL LOVE ME!

You look past my shortcomings and bring out the very best in me. As much as I know You love me- You love others just as intimately. I know You are with my friend in CA who feels all alone there. I have no doubt that You are using this time in her life to let her feel that “just You and me” intimacy. I also know that You are the same God to my friend in Idaho whose husband just passed on. And to someone in Iraq who knows that You are with them when they feel all alone. Lord, let them fall so deeply in love with You that they will know all the days of their lives that You are with them. Let them find everything they need in You.

Father, I also thank You for all the millions of blessings You have showered me with beyond just Yourself! Even though I have all I need in You, You have surrounded me with family, friends, trees and flowers, sunsets and thunderstorms! You have bathed me in love! I am blessed beyond words!!!

June 30, 2003

Prayer- Divine encounter


Thank You for what society might call a “coincidence” yesterday. I call it another of Your “Divine encounters.” Because of a set of unusual circumstances, my husband and I ended up at a restaurant we hadn’t been to in ages. Our waitress happened to be a young girl who we hadn’t seen in almost two years who obviously needed a spiritual boost.

She ended up meeting us at church after work. Father, she confessed some major mistakes and is desperately trying to make it on her own. She feels as if everyone else in her life has turned their back on her. Although she tries to appear very self-efficient, she is very vulnerable, alone and needy. She needs You! She is struggling with the choices she has made and says she wants to get back on Your path.

Help her to see the very moment she thought about turning her life back around, You were there to point her in the right direction through “coincidences” no one else could have maneuvered. Let her see deep in her heart that You have been with her even in her journey through the dark side. And now, let her hear Jesus’ voice calling her back into the Light.

Father, I’m not sure we will see her again. She avoided giving us her address and phone number. I pray that we do. More importantly, I pray that whatever was said and done in our “chance meeting” goes way beyond what I could ever do on my own. I pray that Your Holy Spirit goes with her when I cannot and continues to guide her and lead her closer to You. If it is Your will, bring her back again. If she goes on and I do not see her again, I will continue to pray for this beautiful child of Yours who stands between disaster and abundant life with You. Let the “Divine encounter” yesterday continue to call her to You! Go with her, Lord, and arrange many more such encounters in her life!

May 12

Prayer – for mothers


Thank you for mothers who desire the very best for their children no matter what their ages are. Thank you for their patience and endurance for the many times their love and sacrifice goes unnoticed. Thank you for the times our children have their own kids, and finally realize how very much we love them!

Thank you mothers’ prayers that come deep from within the soul on behalf of their children. Thank you for the mothers who continue to believe and want the best for children, even when everyone else has given up on. Thank you for moms who stand their ground even when it might make them unpopular.

Please be with those moms whose children have already passed from this world before they did. Comfort their hearts and reassure them they will be reunited. Be with those mothers who gave up their children for adoption, knowing they could not give their children what they needed. Be with the moms who stepped in to care for children who were not carried in their wombs, yet they love them all the same.

Help there be forgiveness for moms who let us down and honor and respect for moms who give everything they can. Thank you, Lord, for creating moms!

May 13

Prayer- for a sinner


You are so Holy and Pure that we cannot even begin to comprehend the depth of Your love. Thank You for loving me even when I sin. You see the best in me and continue to hope that I live up to what You created me to be. How I thank You for being so patient with me.

You are my loving Father, who loves me even when I let You down. I’m so sorry when I disappoint You with my prideful attitude. Forgive me when I look down on someone else I see sinning, when all the while I am. Remind me to look into my own heart first. Father, please point out the uncleanliness and help me to turn away from it. After tasting Your holiness, there is absolutely no sin that can compare with the sweetness of being one with You. Keep me focused on You alone.

Help me love others despite their uncleanliness. Help me to be patient with them as You are with me. Let me pray for them and love them instead of judging them. Lord, draw them close to You. Draw me close to You. We are all sinners and need Jesus’ saving grace. We can all be holy because of Jesus. Instead of judging, help me to pray for myself and for others who need You so desperately. We need Your holiness.

May 16

Prayer- someone thinking of suicide


I know You have the deepest love for those who are lost and hurting. There are two people who feel desperately hopeless right now. One attempted suicide and the other is talking about it. Father, reach them in their darkness. Open their eyes that they may see a glimpse of You. Give them hope and show them the way out of the pit they have fallen in.

Help them to wait upon You and know that all is well. Help them to know that You love them more than they can ever comprehend. Make Your love known to them in a very real and personal way. Let them know they will never be alone. Let them see their value in Your eyes. Heal the deep hurts that have driven them to such despair. Let them taste true joy in knowing You.

Let them feel Your hand as You lead them through the valley of the shadow of death. Help them to recognize the lies and schemes of Satan and turn away from him. Let them listen to the truth of Your love for them. Father, I also pray for those who are reaching out to them right now. Give them Your wisdom and love and compassion. Let them see Jesus in those who are with them. Let them reach out and take Your hand and walk with You into a fresh new life of hope.

May 19

Prayer- soon-to-be-born babies and parents


Life is such a miracle! I have three nieces who are expecting babies right now. One just found out; one is due to give birth any time and the other is carrying twins! Father, Only You can create a new life where there was nothing at all before! Only You can form these new souls in their mother’s wombs. You already intimately know these unnamed babies. You know whether they will be shy or loud, studious or athletic, calm or hyper. You know the plans You’ve made for their lives.

Father, I pray that You bless these little babies even while they are still in their mother’s wombs. Prepare their moms and their dads for the exciting and challenging job of being parents. Reassure any uncertainties. Remind them You will be with them through middle-of-the-night feedings, learning to ride their first bike, middle school chaos, driving a car, and going on dates. Father, thank You that we don’t have to know everything about being a parent before we become one. Thank You that You train us as we train our children.

Thank You for the absolute joy and honor of being parents. Thank You for sharing Your children with us and entrusting us to love and care for them. Thank You for being our parent and the parent to our children (whether unborn or stepping out into independence!)

May 20, 2003

Prayer- for unborn twins at risk


OK- Lord, I know You had me pray for those unborn babies and their parents for a reason yesterday. Now the mother of the twins is in the hospital and they are trying desperately to hold off the labor she’s trying to go into.

Father, I know that You know these two little boys who are not due to be born until September. I know that You formed them (and still are) with Your very own hands. Father, I know You have plans for them and I trust that You know exactly what is perfectly right for each baby boy and their parents, Mike and Melissa. I ask You to bless this situation and keep everyone in Your perfect care.

Lord, I pray for Mike and Melissa’s faith in You (and everyone else’s involved- including mine!) I pray that our faith in You grows as we trust You through this situation. These are Your boys, Father. Mike and Melissa are Your children, also. Please let Your peace that goes beyond understanding completely flow over them and through them right now. Reassure them that You are indeed with them and their babies.

Inspire and encourage the doctors, nurses and family. Remind each person to turn to You at this time and to put these two tiny lives in Your hands. You know what is absolutely best. We trust You. Bless Melissa and calm her soul and her body. Let her rest in Your care. Give Mike peace as he turns to You. Thank You, Father, for hearing our prayers. We know You are already working in this situation and we wait upon You to finish the work that You began.

May 21, 2003

Prayer- for Your twins


Another prayer for the twins who were born yesterday. One died, and one is fighting to live at 1 lb. 6 oz. Father, it is so comforting to know they are both in Your tender care. They are both Your boys and You love each of them. Little Braden is already Home in Heaven with You. Little Dillon came into this world fighting and that’s what he continues to do in the Neonatal ICU.

You have specific plans for each one of those boys. You know the number of hairs on their tiny heads and the plans for their lives in this world and in their eternal Home. Father, thank You for the miraculous gift of both boys!

Please continue to comfort and give extra strength to Mike and Melissa (Dad & Mom) and each of the grandparents and friends and family members. Thank You for the miracle of new life and for the absolute promise of eternal life (which is a lot longer than this life will ever be!) Thank You for the reassurance that twins separated at birth can be reunited forever with You. Thank You for the joy to come and the joy here on earth!

May 22, 2003

Prayer- for a new life in You


It’s so exciting to see new life in You. Thank you for letting me witness a new creation taking place. A much loved and prayed for relative is discovering for himself that You are ALIVE!

He’s finding out that Your Word is the LIVING WORD! the words are not just empty words in a Bible- that You are speaking to him! He’s hungering and thirsting after You. May You help him to desire to do more than just be born as a new creature. May You help him grow and mature deeply and quickly so he may know more and more of you. Don’t let him be satisfied with being born. Let his hunger and thirst for you lead him ever closer to You. Let his passion for You spill over to those around him. Let his joy in You grow as he learns there is no end to getting to know You. May every day of his life be an adventure of living with You.

How I praise You for the overflowing abundant life in You. Thank You for seeing someone else come to know You in such a real way. Bless this new life in You and remind me to never take my life with You for granted. You are my joyful loving Lord. Continue to reveal Yourself to those who truly turn to You with all their heart, minds and souls.

May 23

Prayer- for those going through trials


I love coming to You. You are my source of life, strength, hope and love. Father, there are several friends and family members going through very challenging trials right now. Lord, I pray on their behalf. I know that You know them and love them even more than I do. As much as I want good things for their lives, You desire even better things. I have no doubt that You hold their lives and their futures in Your hands. There are no better hands to be in. Help them to wait upon You.

Help them to turn to You for everything- for calmness, for strength, for wisdom, for hope, for patience. As they turn to You, fill them with Your Holy Spirit and reassure them they are not alone. Remind them that You are God and that You have good plans for them- better than we could ever scheme up ourselves. Father, help them to trust You through the fog of uncertainty. Let their certainty be found in You and not in their circumstances.

Father, I pray that the very second worries and fears threaten to edge their way in that You remind them to immediately turn to You. Help them take their eyes off the stormy raging seas and walk on water with You. Let them know the joy of depending on You alone when everything around tells them to panic. Father, during these trials- help their faith in You to grow even deeper. Father, I pray for my dear ones who are walking through the fire. Let them see You are walking through it with them- and they will not be burned.

May 27

Prayer- Memorial Day


Thank You for the wonderful people You’ve put in my life who have already won the race and gone home to You. Thank You for the witness of their lives. How I miss them, yet rejoice for them- knowing they are enjoying Your very presence and the home You’ve prepared just for them.

Thank You that they lived with Your spirit shining through in such a way that it drew me closer to You. Thank You for their faith in You through the difficult parts of this earthly life. I saw them lean on You and receive the help and the guidance they needed. Thank You for the unselfish way I saw them live- loving me and loving others- but most of all- loving You.

Father, I look forward to the time when I will be at Home in heaven with them and with You. I pray that You help me live my life so filled with You, that if others look to me- they will see You. I pray that if there are those who follow me- they will see me following You and they will find You for themselves. Let my memorial be a life pointed towards You.

March 3, 2003


I hold my friend before you who is at a big crossroads in her life. It seems there is a decision before her that calls for a choice. Lord, This is an important time to turn to You. I know she doesn’t want to choose against Your will.

There is no doubt in my mind that she is already seeking Your guidance in this matter. I join with her in lifting the situation up before You. Father, help her to be still before You until You make the way clear to her. I know that You have Your own perfect timing. Let her continue to seek Your will above anything else. I know that You will show her the way at exactly the right time.

It is so wonderful to know that we do not have to go through life blindly, not knowing what to do. You are right here to take our hand and guide us one step at a time. It is so reassuring to know that You know the past, You see the present and You know the future. Who else can we turn to for advice and leadership- except You. You know the plans for us. They are plans for good and not harm. Father, I trust You to help me with all my choices. I pray that You help my friend rest calmly in You as she makes her choice. Give her Your peace in the midst of her uncertainty and give her Your certainty when You’ve led her to the right place. Thank You, Father!

March 5, 2003


I am always amazed at the way praying to You changes things! Yesterday there were two major situations- one with a friend and one with a family member. They both appear to involve long term challenges.

The human part of me was tempted to say, “Oh, this is too big for anyone to solve!”

But thankfully, I immediately remembered all the many crisis situations You have held my hand through. Lord, I thank You for every single one. Being able to look back and see how You led me through so much reassured me that You will indeed lead them through their battles also! And as they turn to You, may their faith will grow as they see You at work in everything they go through.

Father, thank You for knowing that there is NOTHING that is too big for You. You are with us no matter what we must endure. You bring about good through every “crisis” as we turn to You. I’m so glad I know to immediately turn to You for help at the beginning of every battle now. I know not to wait and try to fight on my own. Thank You that I know that I can turn to You on behalf of others going through trauma. You move when we come to You!

Thank You for the hope already apparent in both situations. The battle is far from over, but You have been faithful in showing that You are with them both right in the middle of their storms. Thank You that none of us need face this hard life without You! Thank you for the knowledge that You will show us victory in EVERY fight!

March 6, 2003

Prayer- alone time


How I cherish my alone time with You. I cannot live without it. Thank You for being a jealous God. You actually desire alone time with me as much as I do with You. Thank You for the way You pull me away from everything and bring me back to You when I get too wrapped up in the world.

I think of how often Jesus went alone into the desert or into the hills to be alone with You. If Jesus needed it, how much more do I need it? The most precious place to be is in Your Holy presence!

When I am hurt- I run to You and You heal my heart. When I feel wronged- I run to You and You lovingly show me both my right and my wrong. When I feel exhausted- I run to You and You refresh and renew me in ways nothing else can. When I am worried- I run to You- and You calm my soul and show me all is well. When I am scared- I run to You and You remind me that You are with me and there is absolutely nothing to fear. When I am overwhelmed- I run to You- and You lift me up and show me that I can do all things with Jesus to strengthen me! When I am dreary- I run to You and You fill me with joy! When I am confused- I run to You and You give me such wisdom and understanding that it boggles my mind.

Lord, I run to You- and You are always anxiously awaiting me with open arms. Thank You for Your faithfulness in never leaving me alone to face this world. Thank You for the promise of the time to come- when I will no longer have to run to You, I will live in Your house, in Your presence forever! How I love You for loving me!

March 7, 2003

Prayer- soldiers and families


Just as certainly as I know Jesus has led me through all the difficult times in my life, I know he will do the same for others who turn to him. Father, there are so many people affected by the possible war in front of us. There are young men and women who have already left their families and their homes to stand ready for possible fighting.

Their lives and their families hang in limbo swirling with a mixture of worry, fear, bravery, determination and a loneliness for loved ones. Father, let them turn to You in a whole new way during this challenging time. Let this be the time they discover they need You. Let even this time of conflict and turmoil produce new life in You.

Lord, be with those who are right on the front lines, who realize their earthly lives could very well end soon. Help them to rest assured of eternal life with You no matter what happens. Be with those who are facing decisions to send troops into dangerous situations. Let them seek Your guidance and wisdom and not lean on their own understanding.

Be with those who are left at home to take care of daily life without their spouse. Help them to turn to You for the peace, energy, company and knowledge they need to keep up the home front. For those with children, let them turn to You to maintain a secure and loving environment. Let the kids know that You are with them and their parents.

Father, I have seen You take me through the valley of the shadow of death and teach me to fear no evil because You are with me. I pray that the same thing happen to those who face their valleys right now. Hold their hands and help them to come out closer to You on the other side.

March 10, 2003

Prayer- blood relatives


You truly are my Father. I am Your daughter. Not only am I blessed to have You as my Father, but You have given me a huge family with multitudes of brothers and sisters!

My cup overflows as I think of “older” brothers and sisters who have mentored me along the way. Then there are brothers and sisters who travel with me and we discover more of Your wonderful truth together every day. There are those who have already passed from this life who I know will be there to cheer my way into eternity. There are younger brothers and sisters who I can encourage and show the way.

There are brand new relatives to discover everywhere I go. I feel like I’ve known them forever as soon as I meet them, like the sister I met while walking this morning. Jesus’ blood runs in her just as surely as it does in me. Our spirits recognize the relation immediately. I have no idea if I will ever see this sister again in this life, but we are most certainly related and we will be together again.

As I think of all the family in Christ You have given me- I am overjoyed. What a family reunion we will all have when we gather in Your eternal Home! You are our Father!

March 11, 2003

Prayer- our little girl grown up!


The time is getting close for our daughter to graduate from highschool. She is anxiously awaiting her freedom and independence. She and her friend are making exciting plans to move out and live on their own.

Lord, You know how hard it is for us parents to let go, after almost 18 years of protecting, providing, leading, setting the limits. Now, she is ready to head out on her own. She is confident and determined. I’m so glad. Yet from experience, her dad and I know how hard the world is. There will be many challenges and heartbreaks. How we long to protect her from all that, but we know we can’t. She will grow strong in You.

Father, we send her forth into Your hands. (She’s been there all along.) You can go with her where we can’t. You be her parent now (I know, You always have been)- but speak to her when she needs encouragement, guidance, reprimands. Provide for her and let her know she is safe with You. Let her be sensitive to Your presence and Your voice.

In the meantime, we still have at least two more months with her in our home. Help us prepare her (and us) for her independence. Help her never to grow so heady on freedom that she doesn’t realize her dependence on You! Bless our little girl who is growing up!

March 12, 2003

Prayer- walk with You


What a privilege and honor- to walk alone with You in the coolness and freshness of the morning. Just You and me! You surround me with Your glory and shower me with delightful gifts of creation all around.

How wonderful to be still in my soul and know that You are God. It doesn’t matter how burdened I am when I come to You. As I walk and talk to You, all becomes well. You take my burden and reassure me that You are God and all is in Your hands- the same hands that created the birds singing praises all around me- the same hands that have guided all those who turn to you for generations and generations- the same hands which now holds my hand and leads me.

What a gift to be able to leave the crazy world behind and walk in the garden with You. You restore my soul as we walk. You lead me onto righteous paths as we walk. You comfort me and show me the way. How I wish everyone would hear Your invitation to take a quiet personal walk with You.

March 13, 2003


Thank You for hearing my prayers. I know that You will listen and act. I pray for my friend today. I bring him before You. He is in turmoil questioning why You let bad things happen to good people. He is questioning the value of being a Christian. He is wondering what good it does to believe if there are so many hardships.

Father, I stand before You on his behalf this morning. You have said that if we seek we will find. He is seeking answers to age old questions, Lord. But they are his personal questions. I pray that You show him the answer. Let him see the only answer is Jesus. Nothing makes sense in this life until we give ourselves to You and ask Jesus into our lives. The idea of Jesus dying on the cross may seem foolish to those- until they actually just kneel before You and submit their lives to You. Then the light bulb goes on and things begin to open up.

Lord, I pray that You help him to see that the first step to all his answers is to simply give all to You. With Jesus in his heart, the other questions become meaningless compared to the rich joys and peace and love found in You. Then we can walk in faith in You, not having to have all the answers. Then we are able to trust You, for we know You for ourselves. Father, help him to truly come to know You for himself. Let his soul be still and know that You are God. Let him give up the fight and let Jesus into his heart.

Father, I pray for my friend. I pray that through this wrestling, he comes to KNOW YOU for himself. Give him the confident peace that comes from personally knowing You. Let him find new life in Jesus.

March 14, 2003

Prayer good sportsmanship


I come to You burdened this morning for an increasing problem. Last night I attended yet another sports event where bad sportsmanship prevailed. It wasn’t just the players, but the spectators and parents. It is almost shocking to see people lose their self control over a game. Is it because it’s become more than a game?

Father, please forgive us when we let any type of sports become a god. We worship victory and fame above You. You specifically said we shall have no other gods before You. How many times do we put sports above You?

It’s another one of those things that sneaks in and gets hold of us before we know it. First we enjoy the games, then they become everything to us. Before we know it, we’re obsessed by it. Father, please search our hearts and show us the difference in priorities between games and living for You. Father, I ask this not just for myself, but for everyone. Search our hearts and show us the little gods we worship. I choose to worship You – God Almighty above all.

Father, remind me at each game I go to- to pray for calmness and peace for myself, every player, coach, referee and spectator. I even ask that You put it on everyone’s heart to stop and pray and ask that You help them play or participate in such a way that it brings glory to You instead of shame.

March 17, 2003

Prayer- raking leaves


My husband and I have been raking up leaves and cleaning the yard after winter. I have been thinking of Your marvelous designs. You have created everything to work together for good. Leaves dry up and fall off the trees in the Fall and blanket the soil all through the Winter. You knew the young plants and tender roots needed the extra warmth during freezes. That also allows the sun to get through the empty tree branches to warm our homes and keep us cozy. The leaves settle on the ground and begin to decompose, enriching the soil and providing nutrients to the plants so at the precise time they are ready to spring forth with new life.

Then comes Spring, and all the leaves threaten to burst open from the seemingly dead branches ready to provide shade and cool shelter. It is mind boggling to think of all it takes to make all this happen at just the right times. No scientist or engineer could have ever figured out how to make everything work together with such accuracy. It is crazy to think any of this could ever happen by chance or on accident.


It is awesome to look around and see new sprouts coming up where it looked like there was no life before. All creation is ready to praise your Holy name! Everything that lives reaches up towards You. The animals come to life with renewed energy and the birds sing out just for the joy of living.

Raking the leaves reminds me we made it through another Winter. You were here all along with Your eternal plan busy at work , even when we could not always see it. Please hear my voice join in the Joyful chorus of Spring as we all praise You for being who You are!

March 20, 2003

Prayer- for strength and courage


You are Lord God Almighty. You have been forever and You still will be forever. You have been with men through every battle and war throughout history and You will be in this one also.

Father, I ask that as soldiers and families turn to You in this time of danger and uncertainty, that You remind them You are with them. Let them rest in You. Let the be strong and courageous. Help them not to give in to fear and worry. Let them draw close to You for everything they need right now.

I just got through reading about Joshua preparing to take his people into a strange land filled with enemies. You told him over and over again to be strong and courageous. I know that we often grow stronger in You when we go through perilous times. Let each soldier, each family member and our nation grow stronger as we turn to You right now!

March 24, 2003

Heavenly Father,

You are Lord God Almighty in times of peace and in times of war. You reign above all no matter what is going on. Nothing can take away from Your holiness.

Father, we know there are more people turning to You right now in this time of danger and uncertainty. Deep in people’s hearts they somehow know that You are the only certainty. Lord, please forgive us for not turning to You more often when things are more peaceful and sure. There is a new level in our relationship with You when there is no where else to turn except You. Special blessings come from going through the storm with You.

On this day, we pray for those who have had the security knocked out of them. We pray for those who have had loved ones killed in battle. We pray for those who have been wounded. We pray for those who have been captured and are being held prisoner. We lift them all up to You with all the faith that You will draw near to them and give them peace, strength and courage in their time of desperate need.

Father, remind us how powerful and effective prayer can be. Let us all turn to You. Let America turn to You. Let the world turn to You. We will find everything we need as we turn to You. We need You, Lord. You are our security. You are our peace in the middle of the war.

March 25, 2003

Prayer- live with Him!


There is a rich joy that comes from living with You day in and day out that goes beyond anything else we could ever experience. Thank You for desiring a relationship with us. It is almost unimaginable that You love us so much that You sent Jesus to die for us. Just so we could have a relationship with You. And now he lives in me!

It doesn’t matter if I encounter storms in this life- for You are with me. It doesn’t matter if I must walk through the valley of the shadow of death- for You are with me. If I walk high on a mountain top and see wonders never seen before- You are with me. If I see suffering which rips open my heart- You are with me. If I must fight in the face of fear and danger- You are with me. When I sit on the porch with my husband or go on a walk with my grandchild- You are with me!

There is no where I could ever go or nothing I could ever face- where You do not go with me. Thank You for the real presence of Jesus in my life. I often wish I could prove him to others, so they might know the joy of living with him. Father, let my life be that proof.

March 31, 2003

Prayer- cost of freedom


Praise You for our precious freedom. I fully realize it is not free. It has been given to me at an extremely high price. Father, I think of the thousands of sons, husbands, fathers and neighbors who have fought and given their lives so that I might speak openly. Please help me use this costly freedom wisely.

Lord, my heart is with the men and women fighting. Even now they guard our freedom in this country, and struggle to give freedom a chance to a very brutalized people. They fight, fully aware it could cost them their lives. They battle despite witnessing the reality of friends falling around them. They battle for freedom for the innocent and weak. They even risk their lives for the protestor who chains himself to a pole as he hurls insults at the very ones in conflict for his freedom.

Lord, You said there is no greater love than one who will lay down his life for his friends. Bless those who are willing to do just that. Most of all, I thank You for Jesus, who laid down His life for me so I could have the ultimate freedom. A freedom no regime or thug or army or circumstances can ever take away. I am free to live an abundant life with You. You died for me even while I was still rebelling and protesting against You. Thank You for my precious freedom! I will never take it for granted. Help me love You back in such a way that I am willing to lay down my life for You and for others.

February 3, 2003


I think of the astronauts who were willing to risk their lives to explore space on behalf of the world. They knew what the dangers were, yet they made a deliberate choice to go into space knowing it could cost them their lives.

I think of the soldiers who are at present making deliberate choices to face the threat of death to protect those who are unable to protect themselves. They realize if the need comes to lay down their life for the sake of freedom, they will do it.

It makes me wonder. Lord, am I willing to lay down my life in order for others to know the saving grace of Jesus? Am I willing to give up the security of where I’m at, the comforts of home, the right to follow my own desires? Am I willing to face giving up everything so that someone might come to know You as their very own Lord and Savior?

Am I willing to die for You or even more… am I willing to live my life without any regard to self?

Help my will be Yours!

February 5, 2003


You know I’ve been so sick the last few days, I could do nothing at all to help my family or myself. In fact, I had no choice but to depend upon others to help me. I felt so useless and unproductive.

Yet, once again, You have reminded me that Your love for me is not contingent on what works I do, but who I am. You love me whether I am helplessly flat on my back or whether I am doing some great thing for You. Your love has no limits. It goes far beyond human understanding.

There is no way to measure or describe the depth, width, height, or breadth of Your love. It is unending and everlasting. The way that’s come closest to knowing the vastness of Your love is Your gift of Jesus’ life for us when we still turned our backs on You. We will probably still be amazed at Jesus’ gift when we get to heaven. We will be forever crying out “Holy, holy, holy!”

February 7, 2003


Thank You so much!! I’m well! I just want to jump up and down with new life and energy!! I can only imagine those who have been sick for year and receive healing- my celebration would pale in comparison!

To make this day even better, I got more news of answered prayers in someone’s life! Six months ago, this young couple were literally on the verge of a violent divorce. So much has changed. How can I ever thank You for the wonderful life-saving, hope-bringing light of Your Son which has shown brightly in what seemed to be hopeless darkness.

The young wife has cried in prayer to You, been obedient when others urged her to walk away. Searched for Your will above her own- and now The husband is reaching for Your hope, Your word, Your direction and there are faithful people standing by him to help him grow stronger in You.

You are an amazing God. It is so exciting to see You constantly at work. The more we turn to You, the more we see it!! Show us more! And show us how our lives need to line up to Your will.

February 10, 2003


We are at war today. I’m not talking about the Iraq or North Korea crisis, although they fall under this same war.

My friend told me about going to clean up her brother’s house. He had been evicted and had disappeared. He has four children who are not living with him because of his deep drug and emotional problems. My friend was shocked at the sights she found- including a mural he painted on one wall with praying hands asking God to save his babies. On the opposite wall, a large painting of a naked woman giving “the finger” loomed. It showed the battle that rages in her brother’s soul.

Father, remind us that our real enemies are not flesh and blood people. Our struggle is against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

Lord, strengthen and protect us. Arm us with Your truth and send us forth into battle. We know we could never win on our own power. That is why we come to You, constantly asking You what Your battle plans are. What are Your orders? Where do You need us to go? What or who do You need us to pray for? We stand ready.

Let us never fear or grow faint, but keep coming to You. You hold all the power and weapons needed to overcome each battle. Help us to pray with confidence and live with bold assurance that we have victory in You. Let us have hope, love and assurance for those who are too weak, too beat up, too bound by darkness to see the victory. We fight for them. We fight for You. Our weapons are prayer and love.

February 11, 2003


There may be new threats of possible terrorist attacks, possible wars, job lay-offs, uncertain financial futures. But none of that changes the fact that You, alone, are Lord God Almighty! You rule with all authority and power.

There is no need to worry or fear, for You are in control. When we take our eyes off you and see the overwhelming things going on around us, we become weak and fearful and powerless. We see the storm and begin to sink in the waves that beat around us. Yet when we keep our eyes on You and trust in You, we can walk on water! We can walk unafraid in the midst of all reports of doom and disaster. Even if the tidal wave does come upon us and we were to lose our job or a war does begin- we can walk hand-in-hand with Jesus right through the eye of the storm. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us!

Father, we come to You today, for we know we need You. We know that You will supply everything that is needed when it is needed. Please strengthen us so we will be more than ready to tell all those around us where our hope comes from! In the storm or in calm waters!

February 12, 2003

Holy Father,

You are the Greatest Lover. You have pursued us since You first thought us into existence. The most urgent passion of Your heart is that we would love You back. You don’t make us love You- although You very easily could. But then, perhaps it wouldn’t be true love.

Father, it’s hard to believe that You- the God of all the wonders beyond our galaxy- love us so much. You desire a sweet relationship with us. You want us to be intimately familiar with You. It’s so important to You, that You sent Jesus to die so we might live with You. Right now! We don’t have to wait until some far-off future. We get to live with You today!

Oh Lord, forgive me for so taking so long in my life to accept Your deep love. But now that I have, it seems I come to know Your love on a new level each day. You shower me with gifts of hope, peace, strength, wisdom- but most of all- I am bathed in Your love. There is no end to it! Your love is eternal, growing, deepening, refreshing.

I love You because You first loved me!

February 13, 2003


I want to love You because You have loved me, even when I have been unlovable. Lord, I want to bring joy to Your heart and a smile to Your face. May my love go beyond just seeking blessings from You. I desire to love You with ALL my heart, ALL my mind and All my soul.

You deserve my love. You have been so faithful and patient with me. Your love has forgiven my sins, believed in me when I have failed. Your love looks past my weakness and sees all that You created me to be. You lovingly mold me towards that vision even now. Your love corrects me, teaches me, guides me and comforts me. I am surrounded and held up in Your love. Nothing else can compare.

Father, I willingly give my life, my love to You. Let my words, my actions, my thoughts, my life sing love songs to You! My gift of love pales in comparison to Yours, but I know it brings a smile to You. Help me to love You more each day. Help me keep my love for You simple and pure as a child’s love is for their beloved daddy.

February 14, 2003


Today is Valentine’s Day and it is a day to express love. Lord, You are the author, creator, inventor of love. No, more than that- You are love! Your love for us goes far beyond expressions of flowers- although You surround us with a garden more beautiful than man could ever make. Your love goes far beyond boxes of chocolates, although You love to surprise us with new flavors and morsels of truth everyday. Your love goes far beyond a hand-made heart, You give us Yourself. You gave us Your Son to die so we can live eternally in love with You.

Your love overwhelms us! How we long to return Your love. You have told us Your heart’s desire. You long for us to love You with all our heart, mind and soul. You want us to experience the joy of loving others. What an overflowing, abundant life– to live in love with You and to begin to love others. What an adventure to walk hand-in-hand with You every day and to experience love at a new level.

Help us be willing to give up our selfish ways. Continue to teach us about real love. Thank You for the greatest gift of all- love. As You love us, show us how to pass love on to others.

February 17, 2003


Praise You for being the same yesterday, today and tomorrow! You are with me even until the end of time. Nothing could ever separate us. You are with me no matter whether the weather is sunny and delightful, or dark and dreary. You are with me whether my life seems happy and blessed, or whether I am going through the darkest time of my life.

You are with me when I am sick and when I am well. You are with me even when friends and family seem far away. There is no where I can go to get away from You. Why would I ever want to?

It still amazes me that the Lord God of the whole entire universe and beyond loves me in such a personal way. You are my friend, my God, my Lord, my King, my Savior, my Counselor, my Teacher, my hope, my Love!

You are life itself! What do I ever need to fear in life with You in my heart– leading me Home!

February 19, 2003


You know I love Spring! Even on this dreary day with overcast skies, there’s a hint of Spring all around. The daffodils are green and have buds getting ready to splash open with color! Things are beginning to green up.

Even though we will probably still have more cold weather ahead, Your promise of Spring is right in front of us. Your seasons march on no matter what. There is a time for everything. No matter how dull or cold life might seem right now, Spring always comes. You lead us through the winters of our lives. But they won’t last forever. There’s always the promise of fresh new life right up ahead!

Joy will come again just as certainly as Spring will come. Father, thank You for never leaving us alone in our winters and thank You for the bright promise of Spring before us! Please reassure those who are in their winter. You have been faithful through every season of my life and I praise You for being God Almighty!!

February 20, 2003


I love coming to You first thing in the morning. I long to spend time with You early – before my day gets started. I want to come to You before I listen to anyone else. I come to You to Acknowledge my great need for You. I come to You so You can bless this day and make it holy. I come to You to so that I might be filled with You. That way I won’t be going through my day on my own power, but with Yours.

Lord, I come to You because You are the only one who can give true life. You alone give us breath. You alone give us peace and perseverance. You alone give us holy guidance so our lives can be lined up with Your perfect will, instead of blindly groping our way through life.

Father, I come to You, not only to receive what You have to give me, but I want to bless You. I want You to know that You come first in my life, nay heart, my mind and my soul. Let my humble attempts to bless You bring joy to Your heart. I know that it does, for You are my Father and I am Your child. I long to live closely with You by coming to You each day! Bless this day and make it holy!

February 21, 2003


You are a God of never-ending mysteries!! I love it! I just heard on the news that they are studying a strange light that seems to show up in videos of tornados and thunderstorms. The light seems to always go against the wind in the storm. As of yet, there is no explanation. Even Gary England, the weather genius is dumbfounded!

Right when we think we know it all, You show us there is so much more we do not know! Who can ever comprehend Your imagination, creativity and wisdom? You, who created galaxies far beyond what we can even dream of. You, who thought of every tiny particle that makes up all there is! You, who long ago knew what makes our brain work and breathes life into cells to form new babies from nothing at all!

Forgive us our prideful “knowledge.” All wisdom and true knowledge come from You. Thank You for the awesome mysteries in this life which constantly remind us that no one can know more than the Creator. Can the canvas say to the artist- “I know more than you?”

Lord, open our eyes to more and more of Your awesome mysteries. Let us continue to kneel in Your presence out of amazement of all You create, all You do and who You are. One day, when we step from this life, I believe we will see clearly all the things we can only see through the fog of earthly eyes. When we see through eternal eyes, we will be so continually amazed- all we will be able to do is cry “HOLY, HOLY, HOLY!”

February 24, 2003


It is mind-boggling to think that You sent Jesus to serve us! Here You are- the most Powerful, Awesome, Majestic God of all that there is- and You sent Your very own Son to serve us with love and humility.

You could have sent a mighty army of angels for all to see. You could have gotten our attention with a world-wide earthquake or lightening such as has never been seen before. You could have shown us Yourself in all your glory and might. But You chose to send Jesus to be born and live as one of us! Not only that- but he showed us how to wash other’s feet! Like a servant!

Father, Your ideas of might and power and greatness are so completely different than what our human nature tells us. Jesus, You have told us that whoever wants to be great needs to serve. Please fill us overflowing with Your love so we can go against our urges to be first, and serve with love. Let us serve others out of love for You, because You first served us.

February 25, 2003


What an astounding gift You have given us! No matter what our sin has been, when we ask for forgiveness, You have already given it. As I look at the snow, it’s as if all the guilt and shame in our life is completely covered up by pure white snow!

But Your mercy goes far beyond that. You don’t just “cover up our sins” and whitewash us to make us holy. Jesus death on the cross completely does away with our guilt. You no longer remember them. You said they are as far away as the east is from the west. The west never meets the east! Remind us of that when we try to take back our guilt.

Lord, I know that others may long remember our sins, even after You have forgiven us– but You don’t! And You are the one who counts. We are pure and clean and holy in Your eyes, because You see us through Jesus. Father, help us to go and sin no more!

February 26, 2003


I pray for those who face mental and emotional illness. Lord, I have seen loved ones who have suffered and been set free from the torment of emotional imprisonment. I know You are able to heal these conditions in Your own perfect timing. I have seen You do it!

I have also been inspired by those who learn to live with You- in peace- in spite of their conditions. I know You work in all situations we bring before You.

Today, I ask that You bring peace to those who feel trapped in despair and depression. Please give them hope. Give their loved ones hope. Those who live with them and stand beside them carry the burden just as surely as they do. Lord, I pray that You give them an overflowing abundance of Your peace and hope. Fill them with new joy. Let them know they can do all things with You strengthening them. Heal them now or give them the patience and perseverance they need to keep going until the healing comes.

Give those of us who do not carry this challenge compassion and understanding for those who do. Let us see the courage and the strength in them. Let us encourage and pray for those who wounded mentally or emotionally. Let us be always willing to carry them in prayer before You- the Great Physician, Counselor and Psychiatrist. There is no burden, illness or disorder that can keep You away from us. Today, even as I pray, let them know You are surely with them. Let them know that You are God and that You love them and know the burden they carry. Let them feel their burden lifted by You.

February 27, 2003


Thank You for the godly heritage You have blessed me with. Thank You for giving me parents who have lived their lives humbly for You. Thank You for the awesome memories of my dad sharing his amazement at Your creations in everyday things. I’m so glad he cared enough to share his amazement over the beauty and intricate design of flowers with his young daughter. It has left me with a continual thirst and hunger to see You in everything around me!

Thank You for my mother’s willingness to serve in all she does. All my life, I have watched her reach out to everyone around her. She ministers to young and old, stubborn and willing, strangers and friends.

How blessed I have been to have witnessed consistent living for You- right in my own home as I grew up. It has continued all through their lives. Lord, thank you for parents who have also been my spiritual mentors.

Father, please help me to live a consistent life with You so that even my children will know that I live for You. Let my life be a tool to draw my children ever closer to You.

I also want to pray for those who did not have the gift of a godly heritage. Let those whose parents let them down, find You as their beloved Father. May they discover that You are always there for them, guiding them and showing them the way.

February 28, 2003


You have created such a wide variety of people! And to think that we are all created in Your image! Thank You for the experience of substitute teaching for my son’s 9th grade school where Your smorgasbord of personalities really shows up.

Father, I lift up these young people who are rapidly approaching adulthood, yet still need guidance and direction. I pray for those who are so shy and unsure of themselves that they just want to melt into the background. Help them know who they are to You. I pray for those who are overflowing with self-confidence and seem to have a witty remark for every situation. Lord, help them learn humility before You and their fellowmen. Father, I pray for those who seem not to care about anything. Please help them to find their true focus and passion in life. Father, help those girls who are so giggly and obsessed with boys that they can barely function. Help them to see there’s much more to life! Ditto for the boys.

Lord, help me to remember what it was like to be fifteen so I will know how to treat them and how to pray for them. Thank You for loving me when I was fifteen- and for not leaving me at that age! I’m so glad that You’re never finished with us. Thank You for loving us as we are but calling us to be all that You see in us!


January 1, 2003

Heavenly Father,

Here I stand at the very start of a brand new fresh year given by You. No one but You knows what lies on the journey up ahead. Whatever is in front, I know You are with me. I know You have good plans for me, not to ever harm me- but to bless me. I will go wherever You lead.

Father, I dedicate this year to You. I want to live it for You. I want everything I say and do- to point to You. I want to be a sweet blessing to You. May we go forward down this road together. I put my hand in Yours and long to walk side-by side in the shadow of Your leading. Life is so delicious when lived with You. You always have some new truth or blessing to share around every corner. It’s been a deep adventure to walk with You this far, and I know the walk will never end; only lead closer to You and my eternal home!

Lord, You give me so much. I long to give You my very best this year. Let my life be a love song to You. Let this be Your year- the year of my Lord!

January 3, 2003


Last night, I watched the news as a large group of soldiers gathered to be sent overseas. Mothers, fathers, sweethearts, wives and children all tearfully clung to them for their last goodbyes. My heart cried out with them. My sons are at the age they may have to go, too. I have friends whose sons have already gone. I watched them grow. They still seem like boys to me, yet they are not. They are men.

Father, Your ways are so high above our ways, we do not always know what to pray for- except that Your good and perfect will be done. Lord, we pray for these soldiers who are willing, if necessary, to lay down their lives for us. You have said there is no greater love. Father, give them Your peace. Let them know there is nowhere they could ever go, that You do not go with them. Even if death comes, You will be there to bring them HOME. Comfort their loved ones in their loneliness at home, and keep watch with the soldiers in a far-off land. You are not bound by time or geography. You are God of all the heavens and all the earth.

Father, help the President, the generals, the diplomats to all bow before You, seeking Your will in all their decisions. Many lives hang in the balance at this critical time between nations. Father, we pray for those who consider us their enemies. May they also fall before You, seeking Your will. If possible, keep this situation from turning into war. May we only fight the good fight- the ones You call us to fight.

We know that on earth, there will be wars and disasters. Yet, there will come a day when the lion will lie down with the lamb in peace. There will be no more wars or rumors of war. How we long for that day! In the meantime, let us seek You with all our hearts, minds and souls. Let us pray for ourselves, our leaders and our world. Let us fight the good fight. Let us always come before You, so we will be prepared to do Your will.

January 6, 2003

Holy Father,

I come to You this morning because I want You to be first in my life. I know I can do nothing without You- so I come to You, before I do anything else. You are my reason for living. You are my life, my joy, my hope, my wisdom.

Life is empty and meaningless when I try to live it without You. But when I know I need You, You fill me with Your heavenly fountain which bubbles up with joyful abundant life. As long as I come to drink of You and be filled by You, I have all I need and so much more. But as soon as I go without You, my well runs dry. My life becomes parched and thirsty for You. I choose to live in Your presence. I choose to drink from Your living water. I choose You on this day. I choose to never live life without You again.

Father, how I thank You for Jesus- so I never have to live without You. Thank You for his constant presence in my life. Fill me up so I may be ready to share You in every single moment of this day- whatever it brings. Let Your presence overflow through my work, my home-life, my alone- moments, any “chance” meetings. Let me be so filled with You that I am ready for what this day brings. Let me live- overflowing for You on this day!

January 7, 2003


It is so comforting to know You are with us no matter what’s going on. You said that You know the plans you have for us- and that they are for good, and not to harm us. That means that even through difficult or painful situations, You are at work- making Your good come about.

I trust You, Lord. You have been with me through many trials and valleys. You have never abandoned me or left me alone. You have always proven faithful. You have shown me wonderful truths and showered me with rich blessings through every journey. I know You will be with me all the days of my life.

Lord, I pray for those around me who now face their own difficult challenges. Give them eyes to see You even in the midst of their battle. Reveal Yourself to them in a way that brings them the deep peace and comfort that only You can give. Draw them close to You- just as you have done for me.

January 8, 2003

Most Holy and all Powerful Father,

I stand again amazed in Your presence. The more I come to You, the more I see You at work. Thank You for taking my little mustard seed-sized faith and showing me what You can do! Each time I come to You with my humble little prayer, they may seem like tiny insignificant words spoken to You. But they must be so much more to You. How You must love it when we come and praise You and lift our burdens to You. For it is so wonderful to see what You do with our prayers!

Father, help me to come ever more boldly before You. We can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens us! Strengthen us now, Lord. Help our tiny faith grow strong enough to move mountains! Lord, I love to see those mountains move! The more I come to You, the more I see it!!

Thank You for being patient while I learn to trust You and know that anything and everything I bring to You is never the same again! You can really begin to work when we invite You in each situation. May I invite You in more and more situations in my life and other’s lives. Let me never grow tired of spending time in prayer and watching You work. Open my eyes to see even more! Let me look for how YOU answer the prayers, and not be limited to only looking for how I think they need to be answered. Your ways are more perfect!! I love You, Lord!!

January 13, 2003


Thank You for making us in Your image. Many times I stop and wonder what that means. I see You in those around me.


I saw You today in my neighbor, who was sitting on his walker at the end of our street. Charles was resting before he begin his walk seven houses back down to his house. It was his first time to make it all the way to the corner without stopping since his heart transplant and spine surgery. I saw You in him, giving him internal strength to accomplish what he never thought would be possible again. I saw Your hope in him. If he could do this much, there will be more. I saw Your love in him, as he watched his wife patiently waiting for him to gather enough gusto to head back. I saw his joy for life as he made the journey back home and crossed the finish line in his driveway.

Father, help me always stop and see You in those around me. Thank You for never leaving those alone who face such difficult physical challenges. Thank You for the healing You give, and the way You shine through suffering and pain, also.

January 14, 2003


It is amazing to see You work. Your love and Your mercy multiply and grow each time we use them to touch others. We have no idea how far it spreads when we act in loving obedience to You.

I have been praying for a young mother with three children for two years. I’ve prayed for them through many trials during this time. You led me to put the word out that they needed furniture when they had nothing at all. There were those who love You and long to live for You, who stepped forward to share from the bottoms of their hearts. In just a few days, they had a table and chairs, microwave, toys, clothes, brand new beds and bedding.

To see the hope these gifts of love brought to this mom and her kids is such a blessing. Her voice, her face, her very life is different because of Your love and mercy demonstrated by your people. She knows Your love for her is real. Even the children are filled with joy and happiness!

And then today, she calls and tells me she is bundling up her baby’s clothes which he’s outgrown because she wants someone else to be helped like she has been.

May Your love and mercy continue to spread and multiply as they pass from person to person! The greatest giving of all began with You giving us Your Son Jesus to die in our place. We are so touched by Your gift of love and mercy that we long to pass it on. Help us to keep on giving!

January 15, 2003


Thank You for my death! How I praise You for bringing me to the point where I was willing to give up my old life and surrender to You. Now, I wonder why I fought so hard to hold onto my life. You are giving me so much more than I could ever dream in my new life with You!

Not too long ago, someone I love told me they could never give everything up to You, for they feared they would lose who they were. Oh Lord, bring them to the point of death in their own life so they can see for themselves the joy, peace, wisdom, love, understanding… so much more than can ever be experienced. You give us abundant, overflowing, ever-increasing, love-filled life!!

The old life sometimes threatens to come back, but I will never choose to take my life back. Keep showing me more of what needs to be put to death in my life, so I can receive more and more of You. There is no end to life with You! It is eternal! It is fresh! IT is growing! It is now! Even when this body serves it’s purpose and dies- I will simply fall into the sweet arms of You who is always with me and always will be!

January 20, 2003


What a beautiful day!! What a lovely day for the kids to be out of school to enjoy just playing outside together!

Father, today is Martin Luther King Day. Thank you for the dreams and visions You give, the hope for a better tomorrow. I remember hearing Dr. King’s speech: “I have a dream that someday all God’s children will play together!”

I remember the violence I lived through during the years of school busing where races were mixed together. I remember discovering really good friends of other backgrounds. Now, I see my children have grown up with kids of other races. Now they are living out the dream. The day has come when Your children of all colors really do play together on their playgrounds and in our neighborhood. Thank You for showing us how to love one another! Help us to continue to love others the way You want us to. Thank You for using Dr. King to help us all see the dream. Thank You that he was willing to give his life for that dream. Thank You for letting me see it happen. Thank you for my kids living the dream!

January 22, 2003

O Lord,

I come to You this morning because I long to drink of Your Living Water! There is no where else I can go to quench this thirst. You alone, fill me with Your sweet refreshing water. You place within me a fountain which bubbles up from deep within my very soul. You are my life, my truth and my way!

I would die and wither away without You. My life is an arid wasteland without You. I need You. Jesus, You are my Living Water. You are my oasis. You give me clear-thinking, life-sustaining, hope, peace, joy and new depths of love every day. Your well never runs dry. In fact, the more I drink- the sweeter You become. You refresh and renew me from my head to my toes. Your stream of water begins deep in my heart and flows through me, cleansing me off all filth, mistakes, sin and regrets. Your rippling brooks soothe all anxieties and worries, as I lay down beside Your still waters. You truly restore my soul!!

I cannot live without You. I choose not to even try. Today, I choose to sit with You for a while and take a good long drink of Your Living Water! You are life itself and I love living it with You!

January 24, 2003


You keep Your word!! This morning I got to see another answered “two or more” prayer and I just want to praise Your Holy name!!

Over and over again, You have showed my prayer group what happens where two or more gather to ask something in Your name. I love being amazed by You! I love sharing that amazement with others when we pray together and then get to see You move together!!

My friend was crying and pleading for her mother who was deeply involved in drugs and in jail in another state. She, being a new Christian, wanted her mom to have what she now has. How she prayed for You to step in and help her mom come to know You and to be able to get treatment. She didn’t even know how to get in contact with her. There was no way to visit her, yet we all prayed, knowing You could help her. You are not limited by state boundaries or jail bars. We asked You together to go inside her cell and reveal Yourself to her. You did!!

Thank You for the sweet phone call this morning from mother to daughter from “out of the blue.” Her mom is going into a rehab center, yet even better, she was talking about living her life totally for You from this point on. She has given herself to You. My friend didn’t have to say a word!

You are a God who changes lives. You are a God who hears prayers from the heart. You are a God who catches our tears and soothes our souls. You are a God who loves Your children to gather and spend time with You in one spirit. You are a God who reunites and heals in love. You are a God who is Almighty and powerful. Forgive us our little faith. Thank You for new life and new hope where there was none before! Please continue to strengthen her and help to grow in You. You are OUR God and we love You!!

January 27, 2003


You are calling us to follow You in a big change in our lives. What a comfort to know that You are up ahead preparing the way. We may not know all the future holds, but You do. You know exactly where we’ve been, where we are now and where You want us to go.

Your will is perfect and wise. We bow to Your authority and put our hands in Yours. We are willing to go wherever You lead us. What blessings there are in living our lives for You and with You! There are tender remembrances of all the places You led us through so far. You have brought us through sickness, danger, fear, death, uncertainty, troubled times and joyful times. Each step along the way, You have showed us Your faithfulness and deep truths which could be learned no other way.

Lord, we love You and trust You to lead us forward, even though we may not see the way. We have no doubts that You do. We choose to follow You!

January 29, 2003


You knew me before I was knit together in my mother’s womb! You gave me certain strengths and certain weaknesses. Even before I was born, You knew the plans You had for me- they were to prosper and bless me; not harm me. You were there as I took my first breath and you will be there when I take my last.

Others in my life may come and go. I grew up and had to leave my parents. My children are growing up and will someday leave me (some already have.) My first husband died. Dear friends come into my life and then leave on a new path. You never leave me. You will never forsake me. You are always with me. The years may come and go, but You are faithful! You are my Friend, my Lord, my God. I will never have to be alone, for You are with me!

What do I ever need to fear, for You go with me wherever I go. You have taken me through storms, valleys, mountain-top highs. I love every bit of my journey with You. I put my hand in Yours and am ready to follow every step of the way. For I know You are leading me HOME and there are so many wonders to see along the way!!

January 30, 2003


There is no one wiser than You. Forgive me when I try to rely on my own wisdom. Remind me to always seek Your advice and guidance in all things. Your ways are wonderfully creative and wise. Your timing is perfect. Thank You for not showing us all our future at once. It is an adventure to walk through life seeing where You lead each day. Every step brings more faith in You, as Your wisdom is revealed more and more.

I never would think of the plans You bring about. I bow down to You in honor and respect for Your ways. Let me always be lined up with Your will. Show me as quickly as possible when I stray away from Your leadership. Forgive me when I try to tell You how things should be run. (But thank You for listening, and patiently pointing me towards Your plan. Thank You for caring about my feelings and worries.)

It is totally amazing to me how You can work in so many lives at one time. I can barely listen to one of my kids at a time! What a wonderful life- to walk with You, knowing all is well!!

January 31, 2003


Forgive us our complacency. I just heard the figures…TWICE the number of people who died on September 11 in the terrorist attacks die EVERY SINGLE DAY in South Africa from AIDS and hunger! That means by this time tomorrow, 5,500 Africans will have died from AIDS. That is far more than I can bear or even comprehend. I cannot handle that magnitude of suffering. You can- through us. You are calling us to share.

There will be 25 million orphans by the year 2010- children who are left to fend for themselves after their parents die from AIDS. I cannot imagine a little child desperately searching for something to eat to keep from dying. What kind of shelter will they sleep in? Father, they need protection from those who would abuse them or take advantage of their homelessness, their innocence. You know, Lord, if I saw even one child in front of me in that shape- I would have to do something. Do not let me be calloused by the numbers. Help me pray for the one!

Father, Shake us up in America to the reality of starvation, sickness, homelessness and death in Africa. We have so much. We can share our food. We can pray for those who are suffering. We can spread the word to those who love You. You have given us so much. Millions of dollars were freely given out of love to victims and families of Sept. 11. We can bring hope, life and love to the hopeless in Africa.

You have asked if we love You. We do, Lord. Your answer still remains, “THEN FEED MY SHEEP.” Lord, open our eyes to the starving sheep who need to be fed with physical and spiritual food.


If you feel led to feed the sheep in Africa, here are several ways:

1. Pray for Africa and pray for one unknown child & adult.

2. Give to Relief Organizations:

Food For the Hungry

World Vision

Samaritan’s Purse


3. Educate yourself & officials about Africa’s crisis:

DATA (sponsored by many Christian music groups- www.datadata.org.

to raise awareness of the critical need in Africa.)

December 2. 2002


How I praise You. You are an awesome and mighty God! No matter how crazy life gets- all I have to do is stop and be still in Your holy presence. Then I know – all is well. You are so full of love and You desire good things for us. I trust You to lead me each step of the way.

Lord, You are life itself. You give us everything we need. There is so much to be grateful for. Lord, help me to stay right under Your protective wings. Show me immediately when I begin to stray off the path You are leading me on. You are my Guide, my Teacher, my Love, my Counselor, my Joy, my Peace, my Hope. With You, I have overflowing abundant life. When I begin to stray from You, my life seems so empty and hopeless. In You, I have found the greatest treasure ever. If all else was taken away, I know I still have You and the hope of eternal life to come.

Thank You for the tastes of Heavenly life here on earth. Thank You for loving me so much that You chose to send Jesus to be my Emmanuel. You are with me and I am greatly blessed. Lord, I pray for many others to truly discover You as their very own Emmanuel this Christmas. Let them ask Jesus into their hearts and know the joy of You- God, Almighty- with them!

December 5, 2002


I love coming to you. There’s boxes of Christmas decorations setting in the middle of my floor waiting to be put out, dirty dishes, work that screams to be done, people who need to be called, bills that need to be paid… It’s one of those days that threaten to overwhelm me-but I know I need to come to You above all else.

You are my calm in the midst of the stormy chaos. You never fail to soothe my soul and quieten my mind. You are my Rock. Lord, You make me stop and be still and know that You are God! Time in Your eyes is so different than my feeble view. I start thinking there’s not enough hours to accomplish all that needs to be done. You remind me there is all eternity. You take my face into Your loving hands and point my chin to the really important things- the eternal things- like spending time with You; listening to a friend who needs hope; hugging my boys who are almost men; praying for a friend who has a heart condition and another who is in jail…

Father, thank You for once again getting my eyes off the lack of time and onto the Creator of all eternity. Father, as I go through this day, help me enjoy every minute. Help me to help others enjoy this day- for You have made it just for us! You have given us exactly enough time for what is needed for today! Whatever is not finished will be there tomorrow… and so will You!

December 6, 2002


It is so amazing to watch You at work. Even as I contemplate Christmas- Your ways are so different than what we could ever dream of. Who, but You, would have picked the most amazing thing to ever happen in history to occur in such a quiet, unobtrusive way.

With all of Bethlehem going crazy from the census, You planned the sweet unnoticeable birth of Your own Son. All of Heaven burst with rejoicing at such an awesome event. Yet most of earth was too busy to think twice about a poor little baby boy being born in a manger among all the animals.

Father, I never want to be so busy with the mundane things of this earth to miss Your eternal miracles! Lord, please keep my eyes on You. Help me to see You at work. How incredible that Your Son lives in ME!! I may look ordinary on the outside- but You gave Your Son to live in ME! Help me to NEVER forget that, or question Your love for me, or for all your other children. Help me look at others- not as ordinary humans-but worthy of Your gift of Jesus!

We think Jesus is the reason for the season (which He is,) but You think we are the reason for the season. You did it all for us!!!

December 9, 2002


Keep reminding me again and again what Christmas is really all about. You know how the kids are busy dropping not-too-subtle hints about Christmas gifts. You know how the TV and newspaper continually hold before me expensive material gifts that I would love to buy for those I love. You know how enticing the shop windows and displays are.

Father, You know exactly what my checking account holds and how much I need to budget for gifts. Lord, let me be content and thankful for what You give me to work with.

Father, don’t let me get so caught up in buying gifts that I loose track of the most valuable gift ever given- Jesus. Lord, let me ponder on the simple and humble way he came to us- wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger borrowed from animals. You have given us the most priceless gift ever given- Your love.

Lord, show me how I can give love this year. Give me ideas on how to wrap it in simple unexpected ways to share with my children, my husband, my friends, neighbors, co-workers. Father, in all reality, I know that no one will remember how much I spent on a gift a year from now- but I pray they remember the love I show them and that it came from You. I want to get caught up in the season and give Your love.

December 10, 2002


You know I want a really long prayer time with You today- but it looks like it will have to be one of those on-going prayers. I need You. There is no way I could ever get through this life without You. You are my breath, my life, my peace, my joy. You give me wisdom, hope, guidance, understanding. You are my friend, my Savior, my Teacher, my Counselor, my Daddy, my Anchor, my Rock.

What a journey You have taken me on so far. What an adventure this life is. How I wonder what lies ahead. All I know- is that I can face all things with You. You slow me down when I need to be stilled. You speed me up when I need to be pushed. I never want to leave Your holy presence, for I trust that You know exactly what You are doing in my life. Keep me close to You, Lord. I long to stay in constant contact with You all day long.

So here goes my day, Lord. Show me each step of the way. Take me with You. Hold my hand. Point out all You want me to see and do. I’m walking with You!!

December 11, 2002


I seek You with all my heart. You promised if we seek You- we will indeed find You. I come to You, knowing that You are here with me right here- right now. You did not leave me alone in the storm as an orphan. You sent Jesus to be with me. I come to You to keep my eyes on Jesus. As I do, the storm calms down. All is well.

Lord, I can be walking along with all peace and joy in my heart. I can be walking on water with You. When suddenly, the waves get a little rough. I look around and realize there’s no way I can be doing this! My legs grow feeble and I begin to slip into the water- panicky, with the thought of drowning!

I cry out for help and You are here to gently pick me back up out of the water. You ever so patiently set me back on track and reassure me that I can indeed walk on water with You. I can do all things with You strengthening me.

You are my constant Companion and I love You. What security and confidence in knowing that You are with me. You will be with me always even unto the end of time and beyond!!

December 13, 2002


I identify with Mary who rejoiced when she knew she carried Jesus inside of her. She was overcome with love and praise when she realized You had chosen her to bear Your Son into this world.

She cried out, “My soul exalts the Lord. And my spirit has rejoiced in God my Savior. For He has had regard for the humble state of His bondslave; For behold, from this time on all generations will count me blessed. For the Mighty One has done great things for me; and holy is His name.”

Lord, You have allowed Jesus to come into me, just as He is available to everyone who believes and seeks Him with their whole hearts. I rejoice in You. You are my God and my Savior and I am so blessed. You have done mighty and wonderful things in my life and my heart is overcome with praises to You. You are so holy. I am so weak and ordinary- yet You love me so much that You sent Your Son to me!! I am so blessed.

Father, let me be so filled with You- that I bear Your Son to the world. Let me carry Him with me wherever I go and whatever I do. Let Him shine so clearly through me that my little world is lit up with the true Light of the world. Thank You for Jesus- our Emmanuel!! You are with us!!

December 16, 2002

Holy Father,

You are the Most High God. All creation bows before You and answers to Your Mighty voice. You reign in complete love and holiness above all. You have complete and perfect knowledge and power. Forgive us when we question Your ways. We can only see through dim earthly eyes.

Father, in Your wondrous ways, You send Jesus to knock on the door of our hearts. Just as surely as Joseph and Mary knocked on the door of the inn, searching for a place for the Savior to be born. Lord, I want to answer Your knock. I long to open my heart. Let me always make room. Please let Jesus be born anew in me. Let His holiness come alive in the dirty, smelly stable of my soul. Let His pureness light up the dark corners until I am gloriously clean before You. Fill me with his life. Let Him grow and shine through me.

Come into this ordinary heart. I’m answering Your knock. I’m opening the door and inviting You in. Change me. Change my world. Come, Lord Jesus! Be born brand new in me today!!

December 18, 2002

Holy Father,

I’ve been out Christmas shopping. You know how fun it is to get special gifts for the ones you love. Please bless each gift and let each person know how much I love them.

Lord, as exciting as it is to give gifts, I started thinking. I have all I need for Christmas. Jesus is all I want. Everything else could be broken, burned in a fire, stolen, go out of style, or just wear out. You are forever. If I had nothing else at all- no one can ever take You away from me. Not death, sickness, poverty, war, imprisonment…

You are my life, my joy, my hope, my strength. You supply all that is needed and I am so blessed. Thank You for the most wonderful Christmas gift possible. Thank You for Jesus. He lives with me and I will never be alone or in need. Lord, You are all I want for Christmas!!

December 19, 2002

Prayer- home for Christmas!

Holy Father,

You above all- know that Christmas is filled with love that goes beyond explanation. There is a spirit of overflowing generosity. You gave the first gift. The greatest gift- love. There is no end or beginning to love, for there’s no end or beginning to You. Love is eternal.

Father, with all the love pouring out this time of year, I want to pray for those who are missing their loved ones this Christmas- those who have already passed through Heaven’s door. Let us all look up towards You and know our loved ones are HOME for Christmas.

Lord, I pray for those who are drawing near to their time to go HOME. Let them look forward with anticipation. Soothe their hearts as they struggle with saying goodbye to their loved ones here. Reassure them they will be reunited with their loved ones in just a blink-compared to all eternity. Reassure those of us who are still here, also.

HOME- I can only imagine pure joy and love as we bow in complete adoration before You; as we see clearly all Your wonders and glory. I can only imagine the awe we will experience as we see Jesus and all our loved ones gathered around to welcome us with open arms! Lord, you know I am HOMEsick for Heaven. I will continue to spread Your love here on earth- but let me dream of HOME til I get there!

December 20, 2002

My Lord and God,

How humbled and speechless I feel when I consider the birth of Your Son Jesus. Just like the three wisemen, may I leave all my riches and worldly possessions behind, to go and find You. I want to worship You with all my heart, soul and mind. Here I am- seeking You again…

Here You are! You are no longer some far-off God who sets on his throne and harshly judges me. You love me so much that You were willing to send Your own Son to be born in a tiny frail human body. He may have looked like an ordinary baby- but He was born to draw us back to You. He was born, lived, died and rose again so He could live in my heart. He was born so You and I can now freely talk. Now I can spend time in Your very presence!

Here I am, kneeling before You, amazed at Your mighty majesty and Your gentle tenderness. Here I am, coming before You, acknowledging that You are my God. Here I am, with You in this holy moment, surrounded by Your peace and love. Here I am, bringing You gifts- all that I have and all that I am. What an honor and joy- to seek You and find You and bow down and worship You! Is this how the wisemen felt?

December 24, 2002

Heavenly Father,

The whole world is waiting in anticipation for Christmas! There is excitement everywhere! Lord, this is a special time to stop and be still before You. The birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus is Your absolute holiness revealed to us! You came to be with us!

Now every time we turn to You, You are right here in our presence. Your holiness shines in our darkness and brings peace and good will to our souls. Oh, come let us adore You. Let us adore You as You adore us! Let us stop in the midst of all the excitement and tinsel, and bow down in Your glorious presence. How we praise You for the priceless gift of Jesus Christ!

Take this gift of praise and adoration as our humble gift to You. May our lives be a sweet blessing to You! May the truth of Christmas be revealed here on earth as it is in Heaven!

December 27, 2002

My Lord, my God,

This Christmas, we have celebrated the birth of Jesus. We have meditated on the humble and miraculous way You sent him to be born. We have asked him to be born anew in our hearts. You most certainly answered our prayers, as we come before You and bow down in Your holy presence.

Father, how can we ever thank you for the presence of Your Son in our lives? There is absolutely nothing which compares! Please search our hearts and help us clear out all the things which take up room in the inn of our souls. We want our hearts to be filled overflowing with Your Holy Spirit. We want more of You and we know You long for us to have more of You. Each time we leave our busy lives and spend time in Your company– adoring You and worshipping You– You give us more.

We come–seeking You with all our hearts. We come–thirsting for You with all our souls. We come– desiring to know You with all our minds. Reveal Yourself to us as You continue to grow in us. Show us Your glory! We will never be the same again. We have seen Jesus and He is with us!

December 30, 2002


How I thank You for the sweet holiness of Christmas! How I thank You for the most amazing gift of Jesus! I also want to thank You for the wonderful gift of family.

Just having spent the majority of the past two weeks with family, makes me realize what a blessing You’ve given. I’m grateful for a wonderful husband- a soulmate to share the holidays (and everyday) with. Thank you for our grown children who have developed into honorable and loving adults- who we can now be good friends with. Yet they will always be our children! Thank you for blessing them with wonderful spouses. And grandkids! Who would have thought they would be such a delight!

Lord, I thank you for our children still at home, some of whom stand on the brink of adulthood. Each is so utterly different yet so deeply cherished. Let them know they are loved!

Lord, thank You for our parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, grandparents and dear church family. You have bonded us all in love. We know each others’ strengths and weaknesses. Yet we can look past our differences and enjoy the love You’ve knitted us together with.

May all families grow closer in Your love. May we all allow Your blood to flow through our veins so we may be joined together as Your family- just as it is in Heaven!

December 31, 2002


Tonight many people will be saying goodbye to the old year and celebrating in the new year. Lord, I ask that You be with those who feel the temptation to celebrate in their old harmful ways.

Father, help us all to turn away from our old life and enjoy the new life with You. Strengthen those who feel weak against the call of their old ways. Let them stop now and turn their eyes upon You. Let them know that You will give them everything they need to turn away from temptation. All they have to do is ask and obey.

Father, thank You for the new life I have in You. I would never want to trade it for any “promise” of a party or riches or fame. You, alone, hold all I need and could ever want. Everything else is fleeting and temporary. Please lead each of us further away from our old ways and ever closer to our new life with You.


November 1, 2002

Lord, our God,

We come to praise You this morning. You are ALL power and glory. You have always existed! Words cannot describe You. When Moses asked what to call You, You said “I AM WHO I AM.” You are more mighty than we could ever comprehend. We will never be able to see all of You at once. The angels have been praising You night and day forever, for they are still amazed at who You are! The more we come to You, the more amazed we are! Show us Your glory!

Forgive us when we think we are so important. Forgive us when we seek our own way or thirst after power, money and fame. You are who we seek. All creation praises You. The thunder shouts Your name; the flowers turn their whole faces to You, the birds sing of Your glory, the sunset glows with Your gentleness; the sunrise speaks of Your hope…Your Son Jesus draws us back to You!

Lord, we come. We come to You, for You reign above ALL. Let us not be fooled by the lure of this world. You are the One who holds true eternal life. We come to You for You are all we need. As we come to You, we receive so much. You give us an overflowing abundant life. You give us joy, peace and love. In You, we are complete!

November 4, 2002


You were there when we were first conceived in our mother’s womb. You knew us before we could even think. You have told us that You cherish us- we are the apple of Your eye! You are with us no matter where we go. You know every detail of our lives. You will be with us as we take our very last breath.

Lord, help us to live like it’s our last day. Let us live our lives like it really matters. Let us treat those around us like it could be the last time we see them on this earth. Let us forgive those who’ve hurt us- in case there’s no time to wait. Help us to ask forgiveness from those we have hurt-so there will be no unfinished business when it’s our time to leave. Let us hug our children like it might be the final time- until eternity. Help us show our loved ones how much they mean to us-in case we are gone before they know.

Let us slow down and savor Your fresh air against our face; the puppy rolling over for his warm belly to be rubbed; the comical actions of a squirrel trying to hide a nut.

Father, let us be fully aware of each holy moment. Let us share them all with You. We thank you for this life!

November 5, 2002


Today is Voting Day. We pray that You help us study and choose wisely as we vote for our leaders. Lord, let us choose leaders who know that ALL true authority comes from You. Let us pick officials who bow down before You in humbleness to receive Your wisdom and guidance as they lead Your people.

Father, we pray that Your will be done on this day across America as officials are elected to office. We thank You that You give us free choice. We use our freedom now, to come before You, asking for Your wisdom in determining our leaders.

Lord, as these people are chosen today, we pray that they not give in to pride and lust for power. Keep them ever mindful that kings, governors, senators and presidents are all only fleeting. You, alone reign forever and ever. Help them to fully realize that You have only allowed such a position for a short time and they have the responsibility to govern wisely and justly.

On this day, we pray for the citizens of our country to really consider and exercise their responsibility to vote as directed by You. Thank You for allowing us to be born and live in a place where we have the freedom to choose our leaders. We pray for those countries where the people live in constant fear of their officials. Help us to never take our freedom for granted.

November 6, 2002


Today we come to ask You to keep us strong. Please help us be the light of the world that You called us to be. Let us not be afraid to stand out as different in this world. Continue to point out any dark areas in our own lives- so we can be filled with more of You.

Show us how to live in this world, yet separate from it. Transform us to be more like Jesus. Help us to turn away from the temptation to be more like the world.

We thank You for the inadequacy we feel, for it truly does remind us we need You. We know we can do nothing without You. Yet, right in the middle of our weakness, You reassure us that we can do ALL things with Jesus strengthening us. You really can use us, no matter how insignificant we feel, to bring Your Kingdom here on earth!

Father, make us bold, yet gentle, in You! Let everyone around us see less of us and more of You! Shine through us.

November 7, 2002

Holy Father,

On this beautiful Fall day, we stand amazed at Your glory which glows through the rich colors of trees everywhere we go. You have surrounded us with the warmth of Your love. It has so many shades of color. You reveal Yourself continually around us if we only have open eyes to see. Open our eyes, Lord.

Let us see all the sweet blessings You continually shower us with. Keep us from being so focused on the petty things of this world that we miss You all around us. We stand amazed as You reveal more of Your richness through the colors of Autumn. This is only a tiny part of who You are- yet, You know every leaf and cause each one to turn it’s own unique hue. Every tree reflects some form of Your glory!

Your depth is beyond our comprehension, yet we know that You want to share Your glory with us. Thank You for Jesus in our hearts who causes each of us to reflect our own special shade of You. Thank You, Lord, for the delightful gift of the changing colors of Fall foliage!

November 8, 2002


On such a gorgeous day, it seems You are inviting us to leave everything behind and just take a walk outside with You. What an awesome gift- to be able to walk and talk alone with the Great I AM! You- who rules all that there is -desires an intimate walk with me!

Lord, help us drop everything just to be in Your Holy presence. Let us soak in Your holiness and love. Fill us with Your tender Spirit. Let us come to You, who knows us better than anyone else ever could. Let us spend time with You, who loves us more deeply than humanly possible. Let us walk with You, who understands each sorrow and worry better than our closest friend. Let our spirit mingle with You, who gives wisdom from a heavenly perspective. Let us embrace You and hold the hand of You, who gives us overflowing life in the midst of our journey.

Father, thank You for Your standing invitation to walk alone in Your garden of paradise with You. Let each of us choose to take a walk outside this world with You today.

November 11, 2002


I am so glad that when there is uncertainty or confusion in our lives, we can come to You. We seek Your wisdom, realizing that Your will alone is perfect. Please give us guidance. Show us the way through this chaos into Your perfect light.

Thank You for the certainty that we should not try to figure things out on our own. We desire Your leadership. You have told us that when we seek You- we will find You. We seek You now.

Help us to be still before You- knowing that You will, indeed, lead us through this trial. We do not want to go anywhere without You. We confidently seek Your will through the Bible and through prayer. We have no doubt that You will reveal the answer to us in Your perfect timing. We wait upon You, Lord.

November 12, 2002


You alone, know how to comfort us when no one else can. How we thank You for never leaving us alone as orphans in this storm. Lord, today we want to pray for all those who are dreading the holidays which are approaching. Perhaps they have had a loved one die and they cannot bear to think of celebrating without them. Father, we ask that You show them that You are right there with them. Show them that You know their pain and deep sorrow. Give them Your promise of joy and hope ahead.

Father, please reassure them that they will once again be reunited with their loved ones in an ultimate celebration in Your presence. We ask that You give them bonds of love with new people, not to take away from the love they shared with their love one- but to experience the fact that there is no end to how much we can love.

Lord, for those who dread the holidays because of family discourse, we ask that You bring about a sweet healing of relationships. Let there be a newness of love where there has been a lack. Help us all keep our eyes on You for ways we can bring more love to those around us and more opportunities to pray for others.

Take away the dread and fill it with Your hope!

November 13, 2002

Heavenly Father,

Today we come to You in all humbleness, knowing we can do nothing without You. There are some things which are obviously too big for us to try to handle on our own. There appears to be no human answer for the situation we face.

Thank You for leading us to these places. These are the times where there is no where to go- except to You. No one has the answer- except You. There is no way this can be accomplished- except by Your hand alone. This is actually a wonderful place to be. Now we can present it to You. As it begins to resolve- we will know that no one could answer this prayer except You alone.

There is no way for us to take credit for what happens or to declare it a coincidence. Forgive us for the many times we do just that. Let us bring all things to You- not just when there’s no where else to go. Let us see You at work in every situation we give to You- not just the ones we’ve tried every other way.

As we present this problem to You, let us watch with open eyes to see You at work. Let us never forget to thank You for answering our many prayers. The more we bring to You, the more we’ll see answered. You are an amazing God- who delights in delighting us! We love You, Lord!

November 14, 2002


We come to sit at Your feet- just so we can be in Your presence and soak in Your love. Let us leave the world behind, and all the busy-ness which calls our name and be still before You. You, alone are God Almighty!

You hold everything we need and could ever desire in Your hands and You long to give it to us. Help us to calm our hearts, minds and souls so we can take in all You want to share with us.

You know that Your riches far surpass anything we could ever find in this world. You don’t force it on us. You call us and wait for us to come and sit at Your very throne. When we come to You and spend time with You, all the treasures of Heaven begin to pour into our very souls. How can we ever thank You for loving us so? How can we ever be so stubborn as to turn our backs on You? How can we repay You for the never-ending peace You give when we come to You?

Lord, please help our love to grow. Let us love more like You every day from this day forward!

November 15, 2002


It is amazing to think that You see way down into our souls to who we really are. You see past the make-up, past the false bravado, past any masks, beyond every fault and weakness. You see the very unique person You created and You said “It is good.”

There’s no doubt we disappoint You with our bad choices, our selfish attitudes, our lack of love, the terrible stubbornness which hangs on to our own silly ways. Yet You know all we can be, when we truly ask Jesus to be absolute Lord of our lives. You know that when He lives in our hearts, we can become holy and pure.

You are so patient and loving with us, yet at the same time You are firm and use Your discipline to correct and shape us to be all You know we can be in You. It is a wonderful life to know we are in Your hands- that You are continually leading us in this life towards Home.

Please keep searching our hearts for all that does not belong there. Bring it to our attention so we can turn away from it and be more of what You see in us!

November 19, 2002

Heavenly Father,

Watching the meteor shower last night, once again Your majesty and endless loving power rained down on us! Your creations are magnificent. It is mind-boggling to consider the way You designed our atmosphere to not only sustain life-giving oxygen for us, but as an unseen blanket of protection, always on guard against whatever is hurled at us.

Whether we are at sleep in bed and don’t even notice; or whether our eyes are so preoccupied with the dazzle of worldly lights- You are always watching over us. There is an absolute security in knowing that nothing gets through Your guard that You are not aware of. You keep so much away from us that we never realize. Thank You for never sleeping. Thank You for reminding us to look up towards Heavenly things.

The more we look at You, the more we see the awesome ways You are constantly working in our lives. We look at the stars and planets and stand amazed at what You have thought into existence. What has been there since the beginning is burned up in a flash to protect Your beloved children. You are far beyond our comprehension, yet right here with us through Your Son Jesus. We love You, Lord. We cannot wait to see the full glory of Heaven from Your side!

November 20, 2002


You are so patient and loving. You long for us to love and care for others the way You do. Lord, please search every hidden crevice of in our lives and point out what shouldn’t be there. Bring it to our attention so we can get rid of it completely. We want every space to be taken by You. Fill us so completely that Your love overflows to everyone around us.

Father, on this day- we want to lift up those we know who have addictions to drugs and alcohol in their lives. Let us never give up holding them before You in prayer. Let us never underestimate what You can do as we pray them. We choose to bring them before You in prayer when they cannot bring themselves. Father, lead them to the point where they are disgusted of living in the insidious dark prison of substance abuse. Give them a deep desire to want a clean and pure life with You. Give them hope that it truly is possible with You. Help us to hold onto hope for them and continually pray for them. We will not give up this battle.

Thank You, Lord, for those who have already been set free from the hell of substance abuse. We praise You for the seen victories and those to come. Remind us to do our part by praying for those who believe they are trapped with no way out. Thank You that we are FREE in Jesus!! Let us never give up holding Your freedom before others who are being pulled into death itself. Let them come to know the freedom we have.

November 21, 2002

Prayer- dirty laundry

Heavenly Father,

Thank You for this massive mountain of dirty laundry! Remind me that it won’t be long before all the kids have left home. Let me do this for my family out of sweet love for them. As soon as I begin to grumble and feel sorry for myself, bring to my remembrance my dearest friend whose child died. She has less laundry to do.

Father, let me praise You for each beloved person You have placed in my family as I sort the colors. Help me to pray for each child as I check their pockets for who-knows what? Let me ask You for Your loving guidance in each life as I search for pairs of matching socks. Lord, please cleanse my heart of all unselfishness just as surely as the dirt is washed away from these smelly gym shorts!

Change my heart, Father. Let me do this out of complete love and devotion to my family and to You. How I thank You for the cherished gift of each person in my family. Lord, I am amazed that You have given me so much in my life. My blessings are as overflowing as this laundry hamper. Let me never grumble or take for granted the chance You have given to me to love so many family members with so many clothes!

Lord, I also pray for my friend who has so little laundry in her life right now. Please give her other blessings that are tailor-made just for her. Thank You for our friendship and the fact that I know she loves me so much- she would come help me with mine in a moments notice!

Father, I also want to thank you so much for washing machines and dryers! I love You, Lord.

November 22, 2002

Holy Father,

You truly are indeed the Master, King, and Creator of love. You must be so pleased when we finally “get it” and really love You and those around us. Help us to “get it” even more!

Thank You for the precious friends You have given us. Thank You for the ones we barely know and those who are closer than a sister or brother. How rich we feel to be forever bound in Your love with such a wide variety of delightful people. You designed us to need one another and we are so grateful.

What a great idea to make us incomplete without You and without others. We were never meant to stand alone, were we Lord? As a dear sister in Christ pointed out- we only bloom when we are attached with all the other petals. We are all held together with Your love.

Father, we lift before You each of our dear friends. Give us open eyes to see the unique beauty You placed in each of them. Please give them Your incredible peace and overflowing joy as they live with You. Lord, please guide them. Help them to stop and look to You for each step. Let Your fragrance and colors shine through them.

Help us love, encourage, inspire and pray for our friends. Take away our stubbornness and self-sufficiency. Let us see our need for them, also.

Father, above all, we thank You for Jesus being our greatest Friend. He’s never too busy. He’s never too wrapped up in his own self. He sees the worst in us yet expects the best from us. He is much more than a friend. Thank You for loving us so much that You sent us Jesus. Help us be more than a friend to You. We love You, Lord!

November 25, 2002

My Heavenly Father,

You are my Lord God Almighty. I come into Your presence with praise and thanksgiving. Since this is the week of Thanksgiving, my heart longs to express deep gratefulness to You. I know just where to start…

Father, above all I love You and thank You for sending Jesus to die for me so that I can live with You. It is beyond my comprehension that You love me so much that You would send Your only Son to die for me. Who am I that You would care so much? I think back and try to compare my old life without You and my new life with You. It is as different as heaven and hell. Before, I was so lost and fearful, always crying out in anguish. The world seemed so unfair and out-of-control.

Once I finally came to the point in my life that I knew I needed You, I asked You to forgive me for trying to live without You. I asked Jesus to come live in my heart and HE DID! How different it is to go through life with the assurance of You- God Almighty, the Creator of all there is- in my life. There is nothing to fear. I will never be alone. You are all I need. You are my joy, my peace, my hope. You give me strength when I have nothing. You give me hope when I see darkness. You give me boldness when I feel meek. You give me love when I feel hurt or alone. You give me compassion for the unlovable. You pick me up when I fall. You hold my hand and reassure me when the way seems unclear. I trust You to lead me all the way through this life to my Home with You.

Lord, how I thank You for my eternal life with You. How I thank you for saving me from a hellish life without You. Thank You, Father for Jesus!! Thank You for living in my heart. Let my whole life be a gift of thanksgiving to You!!!

November 26, 2002


Continuing in thanksgiving, Lord… I want to thank You for Your amazing faithfulness. You have never left me alone or given up on me. I can look back on my life and see where You have always been with me leading me on towards You.

You were with me before I was ever born. You had Your hand on me when I was frightened as a child. You rescued me from danger. You kept calling my name. You saw all my mistakes and showed me the way out. You showered me with love when I felt all alone. You’ve shown me joy in the births and lives of my children. You were with me through heartache and suffering. You walked with me through the Valley of the shadow of death. You held me as I sobbed in grief. You restored my soul. You are with me all the days of my life.

You are still with me. Nothing shall ever separate us. You have joined me to You through Jesus and Your Holy Spirit. You surround me with peace and love and joy. How I thank You for Your faithfulness. You still call my name and ask me to follow You. I want to be faithful to You all the days of my life unto my very last breath.

November 27, 2002


There have been good times and hard times, but You have taught me to be content in all situations. You have shown me there are always things to be thankful for. Lord, I choose not to look at my cup as empty or even half-full. Let me truly sit down and count my blessings so my cup will overflow with gratitude to You- no matter what is going on right now.

Lord, I thank You for a warm house to live in, fresh air to breathe, children to care for, food to cook, a husband to share life with, a car that gets me around, friends to care about, family that cares about me, the birds searching for food, the sun warming my soul, a bed to cuddle up in, precious memories from the past, cherished moments today, hope for the future, freedom to worship You, freedom from the hopelessness of life without You, someone to love, a new puppy to snuggle with, an old dog to sit with, grandkids to play with, teens to watch mature, grown kids to marvel at, hard times You’ve got me through, neighbors to pray for, teachers who give their all, pastors who follow You, a president who prays, relatives who are forever, strangers who smile and visit like they’ve known me forever, check-out clerks who remember me, warm dry socks, good books, bright blue skies, the excitement of new life as a friend gives their life to You, knowing You are God and all is well, sweet prayer time with You…

Father, I pray that our lists go on and on. You give us so much. Let us truly concentrate on what we have and remember to thank You for it. The more I thank You- the more I identify with the Jimmy Dean song my brother-in-law sent me today that says…”I’m drinking from my saucer- cause my cup overflowed!”



Oct. 1

Dear Lord,

Your love is unfathomable. How can You love us so deeply and completely? You love us when we hurt. You love us when we are stubborn and rebellious. You love us when we are proud and self-righteous. Even when You see all the sin and weakness in our hearts, you still love us.

You love those who have mental disabilities and those who think they can do anything. You love those with physical handicaps and those who push their bodies to the limit. You love those who have self-confidence and those who hate who they are. You love the newborn baby and the old man who wets himself. You love the fireman who gives his life for another as well as the murderer who plots to kill.

How can You love us so? You loved Hitler, each of the terrorists who killed so many and Osama Ben Laden enough to send Your beloved Son to die for them. You loved me enough to have Jesus die in my place so I could choose to accept Your love. So I might know what real love is.

Father, thank You for such a gift! Help us to comprehend Jesus’ death for us. Thank You for the eternal life that we have even now as we give our lives to You. Father, forgive us for taking so long to ask You into our lives. Help us never forget or take for granted the high price You paid for our freedom. Let us never grow tired of spending time with the greatest love of our life. Let us love You because You first loved us!

Lord, we pray for those who have not accepted Your gift of Jesus in their hearts. Lord, we remember what it’s like to try to live without You. We choose You. We choose life. We pray for those who are still groping in the darkness without You.

Father, please soften their hearts. Use us to introduce them to You. Lord, we know You desire for each one to be brought into Your love. Remind us to love those who are still searching. Help us to pray for them. Help us to forgive them when they mock us or hurt us or misunderstand us. Help us to never give up loving them just as You never give up on us. Father, help us to tell them what You have done in our lives. Let them see us filled with Your love. Let them see the peace and joy that You give us. Let them want You for themselves. Let them know life let them know You!

October 2


How different things must look to You than they do to us. You have the most high Heavenly perspective. It is awesome to come to You, knowing that You have all the answers and know what is perfect and best for every situation. Lord, forgive us when we only come to You to tell You how to do things in our lives. Instead help us to come, knowing that Your way is best. And for every problem, when we ask the way it is Jesus.

Father, we come now into Your holy presence to seek You and Your will for our lives. You have promised that when we seek You and put You first in our lives, everything else will fall into place. We come to You now, for You are the way. You are the truth. You are our life.

You long to give us so much, but we are busy worrying, running here and there and trying to fit in all this world has to offer. Lord, help us just be still with You right now. Quiet our minds and hearts so we can hear Your still small voice.

Father, help us be still and know that You are God. Help us to trust You with all our worries and concerns. Father, we give everything to You right now. We know that You are at work and will accomplish Your will as we quit trying to do it all on our own. We surrender to You.

Thank You for the sweet peace that comes, as we trust You.

October 3

Heavenly Father,

Good afternoon! We praise You for always being available to us no matter what time of the day or night. You are always waiting always hoping we’ll come into Your presence and spend some time with You. Lord, it is unimaginable that You can see so intimately into each of hearts. You know and love each of us more than we’ll ever know. Your deepest desire is for us to love you back. Father, keep us coming into Your Holy presence. We will naturally grow in our love for You as we spend more and more time with You.

Lord, today we ask that You help us be the mates you want us to be. Father, help us to love, honor and cherish the one that You put in our lives. We thank you for the blessing of the special relationship between husband and wife. Let us not ever take it for granted. Father, help us to speak to them and about them in a way that shows honor to them and honor to You. Father, help us think of all their best qualities instead of their faults. Let us be ever thankful for this person You have given us to love. Lord, this evening help us to truly enjoy their company and let them know that we truly love them. Help us to continually hold our spouse up in prayer before You. We thank you for them and pray that You show us how we can help them to be all that You see in them. Lord, help us be patient with their weaknesses just as we hope You will help them with ours.

Lord, please help our marriages to become stronger as we begin to center our hearts and homes on You. We love You and we thank you for the sweet gift of marriage so we don’t have to be lonely or face this world alone.

October 7


You are so faithful. You are always here, always loving us, always seeing something better for us. Father, You are here in the sweet coolness of this fresh morning. You have been with us all night long and all weekend long. You see the innermost parts of our very souls. You see every hidden crevice where secret thoughts lie. You alone, know our every thought and fear and hope. You have fearfully and wonderfully made useach with a unique personality and combinations of gifts no one else in the world has.

Father, we come to You so we might become all You created us to be. We know You have made us in Your own image. Does that mean we have the ability to love and honor as You do? Lord, we ask that You continue to show us how to love. We want to be able to show You our love. We want to make You smile as You watch usYour children learn to live in love.

Lord, we ask for You to forgive us when we fall short and give in to selfish desires demanding our own way. Please show us those hurtful attitudes You want us to get rid of. Make them very apparent to us. Let us see the dark sin in our own lives so that we might turn to You, seeking the cleansing You have offered us through Jesus. As we discover it and seek Your forgiveness, help us go and sin no more.

Father, as we start this workweek, help us to enjoy the work You have given us to do. Let us offer our work to You as a pleasing gift. Help us to do it well and with a deep desire that others will see You living in us. Work in us and through us today. Let us continually be in prayer through our work. We invite You into our work place right now.

October 8

To our most Holy God and Father,

We praise You for the rain. Thank you for the sweet refreshing rain, which quenches the dried up grass. Once again, each blade springs up with new life. Thank you for soaking us with Your living water as we come to You with dry parched souls. We come to You weary, dried up and thirsty. In Your Holy presence, we find cool clean rain, which soothes and refreshes our very souls.

No matter how hot and tired we are from our earthly battle, You are always here ready to give us exactly what we need. You are our spring of life and hope. You are our rock. You are our safe place from the harsh heat of this world. You truly lead us beside still waters and restore our souls. You give us hope. You give us joy!

Father, we ask that You guide us as parents. You gave us an awesome responsibility when You entrusted these young souls to our care. Father, we cannot parent without Your help. Show us when to be firm and when to be patient. Help us to always point to You, as their true guide. Help us never to take this precious job for granted. Father, we lift up parents whose children have died and left them with a heart that longs to nurture and guide. Give them the sweetest comfort that only You can give. Reassure them that we never quit being parents. Sustain them until they can hold their beloved child once again.

Lord, let us take our job as seriously as You have given it. Let each moment from the first cry of their infant years to the stretching of wings of their teen years be treasured to the fullest. We humbly realize there is no way we could ever do this job on our own. Please help us. We know what we do now will impact not only our kids but their children and their children’s children. We thank you for the priceless gift of children and grandchildren. Thank you for the deep love You have given us for each of our kids. Let us see them through Your eyes. Let us raise them and guide them in a way that brings joy to Your heart.

October 9

O Lord, our God,

No matter if it’s gloomy or bright, You are with us. You have never left us. You have been with us through every season of our lives. You are with us through the good times and the bad, the pain and the joy. There is nothing we can go through that You do not go through it with us. There is nowhere we can go to get away from You. You were with us when we were still a child. You saw every pain, every fear, every excitement and hope. You have been with us through our teen years and young adult years when we thought we knew it all. You are so faithful to us.

Father, help us to be here for You. Let us come to You no matter what we are going through. Help us share everything in our lives with You the deep hurts and the simple pleasures. How we thank You for this life You have given us. You take every hurt and turn it into good when we love You. Once again, we thank you for our children. What blessings to love those who are created in our image. What joy we feel when they are happy. What pain we feel when they hurt. How proud we are as we watch them grow.

Father, continue to teach us how to be the parents You want us to be. Help us to be there for all seasons for our children. Help them to know they can count on us but even more than us they can count on You. Lord, let them see You so alive in our lives that they will desire more of You for themselves. Show us how to stand beside them cheering them on as they grow through whatever season they’re in right now. Our deepest prayer is for them to come to know You for themselves.

October 11

My Lord, my God, my Savior, my King, my Friend,

You are our counselor, our Guide, our Life, our All. Father, we come to You to just be in Your Holy presence. You sit upon Your heavenly throne, hoping and waiting for us to come each day. Father, help us be still and know that You are God. Let us consider the vastness of Your creation. You thought into existence every galaxy that we know of and ones we’ll continue to discover until the end of time.


You are God of the monumental mountain ranges, which stand solid, and majestic for millions of years yet You are also the God of the fluttering Monarch butterfly who only lives one day. It is so difficult to comprehend Your Majesty and power, yet You know and love each of us so intimately and long for us to spend time with You.

Father, we love You. Help us love You more. Remind us to come into Your presence and desire to get to know You as You know us. You have so much You desire to give us if we will only come to You. What You have to offer far outweighs anything else in this world. The peace and joy and wisdom we find in Your presence are more precious than all the money in this world. Lord, we need You. You are our true life.

Father, we continue to pray for our children. You have given us cherished gifts in each child. You know what it is to love Your own child. You know how You long to protect and hold them close to You and keep them free from pain. Yet You sent Your Son to suffer and die in our place so we might know how much You love us. Father, help us to more fully understand the deep love You have given us through the gift of Your Son, Jesus.

Father, let us share in Your love by giving You our lives. Take our lives and mold them. Help us be all You created us to be. Father, we also ask You to help us mold and shape our children to be all You created them to be.

Thank you for this life. Thank you for our children, for this beautiful Fall day. Thank you for saving us from a life wrapped up in sin, selfishness and obsession for things of this world. Thank you for giving us Your Son so we could live our lives eternally with You. Let us begin living our lives in Your Holy presence!

October 14

O Lord, our God,

Thank you for the quiet stillness of Your voice. Let us tune out this world and tune You in. There is so much noise clanging around us, yet all we have to do is turn to You and You are there. You are peace and calm. You alone, soothe our souls. You alone calm our fears and restore our spirits. The world clamors for our attention, demanding that we worry about this and that. You call us to lay all worries at Your feet. The world convinces us we need all the latest clothes, gadgets and material things. You reassure us You are all we need. The world tells us to demand our rights. You ask us to give up our rights.

Lord, Your ways are so high above the world’s ways. We stand amazed at Your truth. As we come to You and truly begin to follow Your Son, we can never turn back to the world’s ways. You alone offer us truth and peace and joy and love. The world can only offer cheap imitations.

Father, we ask that You help us keep our focus on You at all times. Bring it immediately to our attention when we are slipping back into our old ways. We long to live in Your light. Keep us under Your heavenly wings. Help us to persevere all the way through this life. Let us be found living for You with all our hearts when it’s time for our last breath here on earth. Father, we want You to be able to say, “Well done, faithful servant” when we stand before You in all Your glory. We love You, Lord, and we long to live with You even now. This day is Yours!!

October 17

Lord God Almighty,

You are here when no one else is around. You stay with us when everyone else walks away. We can always count on You. You understand when no one else seems to. It is such a joy to be able to turn to You and come into Your presence. You are our Rock. When we stand on You, the world cannot shake us. There is absolutely nothing we cannot face with You. There is nothing to fear when we have the Creator God of all there is as our best friend, our guide, and our safe place to run to.

Father, how we thank you for preparing a way that we can come straight to You because of Jesus. Jesus, how we praise You for being willing to die for us in spite of our unworthiness so we could come straight to the throne room of God. Jesus, how precious is Your love and our Father’s love to go to such lengths to draw us back to You.

Lord, we humbly come before You, asking that You help us love You in return. Please accept our meager love, which pales in contrast to Yours. Father, fill us with Your love so we might know how to go forth full of Your Holy Spirit. Show us how to shine out for You in this world, which is held captive by darkness. Thank you for our own freedom from the chains of this world. Let us fly free with You. Let us live our lives in a way that brings joy to Your heart. Show us how to bring Your Kingdom here on earth as it is in Heaven.

Father, on this day let us love those around us without reservation. Reveal to us immediately when something other than love creeps into our hearts. Help us to instantly turn away from it and back to Your love. Let us hope for the best for our co-workers and neighbors. Let us have Your eyes to see those who normally irritate us. Show us how to love them the way You do.

October 21


I am so grateful that You are so patient with us. Even once we have given You our lives, we fall short of where we hoped to be. We want so badly to do the right thing, yet there are times when we fall down. Father, how kind and loving You are to patiently pick us back up and set us once again on solid ground. You know that we need You. You know there is no way to be good and holy on our own.

Thank You for Jesus in our lives. Thank You for his willingness to take the fall for our mistakes. Father, thank you for hoping for the best for us. You see all we can be. You see all You created us to be and You continually hope that we will ask for Your help to get there.

Lord, we thank You for forgiving us, just as soon as we turn to You with a regretting heart. You have wiped our mistakes away and give us a brand new start. You encourage us and let us know we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Father, thank you for not leaving us alone in our sins and in this harsh world. You are with us. You will lift us up and show us the way.

Father, please help us to have open eyes focused directly on You so we know the way. It is such a blessing to know that Jesus is the way. All we have to do is live with Him. Thank You that You have mercy on us in our meager attempts to be good. You alone are holy, yet You have prepared a way for us to be Holy through Jesus. What a wonderful plan You made for us. How we praise You for Your love and Your mercy for us.

Lord, help us to have mercy on those around us. Show us how to give them a helping hand up when they fall.

October 22, 2002


We praise You for the freedom You give us in choosing whether or not we love You. You didn’t have to give us free choice, yet You did. I guess it wouldn’t be real love unless it was a choice.

We praise You for loving us even when we are unlovable. You are such pure love that You have to love us. You love beyond our comprehension of what it means. Lord, we continue to ask that You help us to love You and those around us more each day.

Father, we pray for our nation today. You gave people many years ago a vision of a country where everyone has the freedom to worship You without fear of ridicule, imprisonment or punishment. We thank you for the people who fought hard to gain this right. We are humbled at the thought of how many died to give us the choice to openly worship You with all our hearts. There is no greater gift than someone who would lay down his life for us. We thank you for those who were willing to do that.

Lord, please help us to never take this blessing for granted. We deeply and humbly pray for our country on this day. Forgive our country for becoming so wrapped up in wealth and selfishness that we ignore You. Lord, it was not that long ago that many men gave their lives so that we could continue to live in a land that was founded on worshipping You freely. Let us not take this blessed inheritance for granted. It could be taken away in an instant like it is in other countries. Father, we desire to kneel in humble prayer before You, asking that You take notice- that we choose freely on this day to acknowledge our great need for You. We kneel on behalf of our country.

Forgive our selfishness, our obsession with worldly things, our pride in thinking we do not need You.

Father, we pray for a great revival, a turning to You. We pray that hearts be changed so greatly that our country is brought back into Your Holy presence. God, let there be a change of hearts as never before and let it begin with me.

October 23, 2002

Holy Father,

You see things so much differently than we do. You see everything from an eternal view. We can only see through the fog of this life. Your way is far wiser than we can imagine. Someday we will stand in Your Holy presence and be completely amazed at the wonders of Your plans. You knew from the beginning as You created this earth. You knew from the beginning as You thought us up and placed us in our mother’s womb. You knew from the beginning that this life is only temporary. We really live for a far greater life with You.

Yet this life is important, too. Father, we pray for all those who face death. Lord, strengthen and give courage to those who live in the area where the sniper’s gun could kill them in an instant as they go about their daily life. Strengthen and give peace to those who have illnesses, which will no doubt end their earthly lives. Strengthen and encourage those who are fighting battles on behalf of their fellow men. Give Your peace to those who are left behind when a loved one is suddenly taken.

Lord, thank you for the promise that this life is not the end. Thank You for the hope that there will come a time when death will have no hold over us. Lord, let us be ready.

Father, no one- except You- knows the hour or the day when it will be our time to leave this life. Let us be ready. No matter when that time comes, and it will surely come, let us be living for You and with You. Help us to live for You so completely, that when death comes- we will be ready and eager to go with You.

Help us have no fear over anything this world brings against us for we know that You are with us giving us everything we need. In You, there is no death- only life. Lord, help us to live this life as if it’s our last day on earth. Let us live eternally everyday with You!

October 24, 2002

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for the reassurance that even though the world seems in chaos and out of control- that You are here with us. There is nothing that goes on that You don’t know about and cannot make good blessings come from. Father, help us to come into Your Holy presence often so we can be reminded of who You are. You created all that there was, is and ever will be. You looked at all You created and said it was good.

You knew there would be evil and darkness, but You know that Your love and goodness always prevails in the end. Father, help us to trust You even when we don’t understand what’s going on. Remind us when we doubt or question that You are God and You know exactly what You are doing.

Thank You for the right to run into Your presence when we get overwhelmed, feel weak, don’t understand, question or fear. You never fail to strengthen us and lift us up in Your love. You are our hope, our strength, our answer. You are everything we could ever need. We love You and are so grateful that You care so deeply about us.

October 25, 2002


There are some days we don’t feel like coming into Your presence. We are busy. There is so much to do. Lord, please forgive us for thinking that our agenda is much more important than Yours.

We come to You today to worship You and honor You, for You alone know what is best for us on this day. Even though we may not feel like coming, we come. Once we are in Your presence we remember this is the most important place to be. How could we possibly know how to spend our day until we come to You to be filled and sent out?

We were made to be in Your presence- to be one with You. Anything in this world or anything we might try to do on our own pales in comparison. You are what makes our life rich and full and complete. More than anything, You long for our company. We don’t always realize it, but we long for Yours, too. We need You.

Lord, let our hearts, minds and spirits stop right where they are and rise up to meet with You. Father, accept this time with You as our love gift to you. May it bring joy to Your heart as Your children just stop and are still in Your company. Fill us on this day that we might go out from our time with You and invite others into Your love!

October 28, 2002

Lord God Almighty,

We stand in amazement as we see You at work. It gives us such joy to watch the ways You are constantly moving and molding the lives of Your children. You are so ALIVE and involved in everything we invite You into. The more we spend time with You in prayer, the more we realize how vital it is to live constantly in Your presence. A whole new life opens up as we ask for Your will to be done in more and more areas.

Thank You for using other people to bless us and thank You for using us to bless others. Lord, we ask that You open our eyes to see You more clearly. How exciting and humbling it is to live with You and see You draw people unto Yourself. What a joy to work with You and to see the way You change lives!! Life is such an adventure with You.

You are most Holy and wise. Help us to be patient, yet persistent in praying for others. As we lift them up to You, You immediately begin working in their lives and in their hearts- just as You do in us! Father, what a sweet blessing to be able to share Your love with those around us. You join us together as one in You.

Let us go forward on this day with our eyes open, expecting to see You at work. Let us see You all around us. Let us know that You are God!

October 30, 2002

Heavenly Father,

You did not leave us alone in the darkness. You are a God of love and mercy. You sent Jesus to bring us Your Light! Life never looks the same again once we live in Your glorious Light. You bring us hope, peace, joy, wisdom and guidance. Jesus lights our way. Fear, agony and hopelessness lose their power when we turn to You. The chains are broken and we can live freely with You.

All around us, the world cries out from fear and anguish of life in the darkness. You have saved us from that life and given us the brightness of Your Son. You did not leave us alone to stumble and hopelessly feel our way. All we have to do is turn to You and You fill us once again with even more of Your glory. Lord, how we love life with You. What a secure feeling to know we are in Your holy hands.

Father, we ask You to fill us so full of the Light of Your Son that we radiate to those around us. Let them see You shining through us! Help us be the light of the world. There are so many around us who still grapple in the fear and despair of the dark. Father, we ask that You use us to reach our hand out to them and pull them to a bright life with You. Let us shine so brightly that we help Your Kingdom come here on earth as it is in Heaven!!

October 31, 2002

My Lord, my God,

You are my secret hiding place. No matter what’s going on in my world, I can run to You and find shelter and safety. There is nothing that is so big that I cannot find peace in Your presence.

With You, I find understanding. You know every fear, every doubt, every sin, every secret dream. You know me better than anyone else possibly could. You know me better than I know myself. You knew me even when I was in my mother’s womb. You were the one who thought of me before I even existed and gave birth to who I am. You see each tear before it even spills out.

Even though You see my every weakness and fault, You still love me. You, Lord, see the best in me and long for me to become all You created me to be by living with You. Thank You for your patience, your understanding, Your guidance, the hope You have for me.

Thank You most of all for being my secret hiding place- where I can come into Your presence for all my needs. In this place- in Your presence- You give me eternal life and then You send me back out into the world. I love You, Lord, for always being here waiting for me.


September 26, 2002

Heavenly Father,

How sweet it is to stop and be with You before our day gets too far. You are here in the coolness of this morning. You are fresh and invigorating like the early morning air. We need You, Lord. You are our very life and hope. What good is life without You? Loving You is our purpose in life. We want to enter Your gates with thanksgiving and praise.

Lord, You are the maker of the galaxy. You know each and every star and grain of sand on the beach yet You know each of our hearts even more. You knew us before we were even formed in our mother’s wombs. You created us out of love. Your love goes beyond our understanding. Your love is unfathomable. We can barely comprehend the vastness of the gift of Your Son. How could You love us so much that You would send Your Only Son to die for us when we still turned our backs on You and ignored You? You wanted us in Your lives so much that You willingly gave Jesus for us! Just so we could comprehend Your love and come right now into Your Holy presence.

Father, we know we stand on Holy ground. We know You love us. Help us to love You more. Let us love unselfishly.

Lord, please forgive us when all we demand is our own way. Be patient with us as we learn to give all our lives to You and to others. Help us be willing to lay down our own lives for You. Your will is so much more perfect than ours. We could never see Your eternal plan as You do. Help us to trust You in each situation. Help us to turn to You and dwell in Your Holy presence no matter what’s going on. You are really all we need.

Father, today we ask that You make us more loving towards others. For You have said that if we say we love You, yet hate our brother we are a liar. Father, we want to do more than just say we love You. Show us how. Show us how to love others as You love us. Help us to more fully love our mate, our children and grandchildren, our neighbors, co-workers, strangers and even our enemies. Help us to love with Your unselfish love!

September 27

Holy Father,

Here we are again coming into Your presence no matter what our mood is. We know we need You. We know life just isn’t right without spending time with You. We need you like the grass needs rain. We know we whither and dry up without this time with You.

Lord, we come knowing that we will leave refreshed and renewed. We come to You because we grow weary and discouraged and unhappy without You. Everything that breathes needs You. The flowers turn their faces towards the sunlight for they know to whom they belong and where their life comes from. Father, we turn want to turn our faces to You now.

We long for Your presence. We know we cannot live an overflowing life without You. But, Lord, we also want to come to bring You joy. We know that You long for our company.

Forgive us when we rebelliously try to live our daily lives without coming to You. Forgive our busyness with things.

Lord, help us to slow down and enjoy You. Help us to be still and come to know You better. Show us more of who You are. Give us watchful eyes to see You more clearly. Help us to slow down and enjoy the many wonders You surround us with. Forgive us for being so preoccupied with manmade things.

Father, this weekend, let us all slow down and just love You and others You place around us.

September 30

Heavenly Father,

Thank You for always being here just waiting for us to turn to You. We come to You now to praise You. Father, thank you for creating us in Your image. Thank You for loving us as Your very own beloved children. We come to You no matter how we feel, for we know You are our source of life our Joy our peace our hope. Life is not worth living except when lived with You. You are what we need.

We know we can face anything with You. We never want be separated from You. You are there when everyone else has left. Even when we feel all alone, misunderstood, or rejected by this world, we know there is nowhere we could ever go that You are not with us. Thank you for never leaving us alone. Thank You for sending Your Holy Spirit to live in our hearts so we know without a doubt that You are with us.

Who or what should we fear when You are with us? You know us better than anyone else possibly could. You know us better than we know ourselves. You knew us even before we were born; while we were still being formed in our mother’s womb. You gave us each individual personalities and gifts that only You knew. You still are bringing forth our full potential as we continue to come to You and give you our lives.

Father, today we want to give You all our life, all our heart and all our soul. We willingly place ourselves completely in Your hands. You, who created us for this certain time and place, know best what we need to be. Therefore we give ourselves to You. We ask that You guide us. Show us what needs to be cut out of our life that stands in Your way. Show us how to trust You more. Show us how to look to You for everything everyday.

Father, You truly are our Father our Creator, our Guide, our Comforter, our Teacher, our Life! Help us to be still and know that You, alone, are our God.

Oct. 1

Dear Lord,

Your love is unfathomable. How can You love us so deeply and completely? You love us when we hurt. You love us when we are stubborn and rebellious. You love us when we are proud and self-righteous. Even when You see all the sin and weakness in our hearts, you still love us.

You love those who have mental disabilities and those who think they can do anything. You love those with physical handicaps and those who push their bodies to the limit. You love those who have self-confidence and those who hate who they are. You love the newborn baby and the old man who wets himself. You love the fireman who gives his life for another as well as the murderer who plots to kill.

How can You love us so? You loved Hitler, each of the terrorists who killed so many and Osama Ben Laden enough to send Your beloved Son to die for them. You loved me enough to have Jesus die in my place so I could choose to accept Your love. So I might know what real love is.

Father, thank You for such a gift! Help us to comprehend Jesus’ death for us. Thank You for the eternal life that we have even now as we give our lives to You. Father, forgive us for taking so long to ask You into our lives. Help us never forget or take for granted the high price You paid for our freedom. Let us never grow tired of spending time with the greatest love of our life. Let us love You because You first loved us!

Lord, we pray for those who have not accepted Your gift of Jesus in their hearts. Lord, we remember what it’s like to try to live without You. We choose You. We choose life. We pray for those who are still groping in the darkness without You.

Father, please soften their hearts. Use us to introduce them to You. Lord, we know You desire for each one to be brought into Your love. Remind us to love those who are still searching. Help us to pray for them. Help us to forgive them when they mock us or hurt us or misunderstand us. Help us to never give up loving them just as You never give up on us. Father, help us to tell them what You have done in our lives. Let them see us filled with Your love. Let them see the peace and joy that You give us. Let them want You for themselves. Let them know life let them know You!