November 1, 2002

Lord, our God,

We come to praise You this morning. You are ALL power and glory. You have always existed! Words cannot describe You. When Moses asked what to call You, You said “I AM WHO I AM.” You are more mighty than we could ever comprehend. We will never be able to see all of You at once. The angels have been praising You night and day forever, for they are still amazed at who You are! The more we come to You, the more amazed we are! Show us Your glory!

Forgive us when we think we are so important. Forgive us when we seek our own way or thirst after power, money and fame. You are who we seek. All creation praises You. The thunder shouts Your name; the flowers turn their whole faces to You, the birds sing of Your glory, the sunset glows with Your gentleness; the sunrise speaks of Your hope…Your Son Jesus draws us back to You!

Lord, we come. We come to You, for You reign above ALL. Let us not be fooled by the lure of this world. You are the One who holds true eternal life. We come to You for You are all we need. As we come to You, we receive so much. You give us an overflowing abundant life. You give us joy, peace and love. In You, we are complete!

November 4, 2002


You were there when we were first conceived in our mother’s womb. You knew us before we could even think. You have told us that You cherish us- we are the apple of Your eye! You are with us no matter where we go. You know every detail of our lives. You will be with us as we take our very last breath.

Lord, help us to live like it’s our last day. Let us live our lives like it really matters. Let us treat those around us like it could be the last time we see them on this earth. Let us forgive those who’ve hurt us- in case there’s no time to wait. Help us to ask forgiveness from those we have hurt-so there will be no unfinished business when it’s our time to leave. Let us hug our children like it might be the final time- until eternity. Help us show our loved ones how much they mean to us-in case we are gone before they know.

Let us slow down and savor Your fresh air against our face; the puppy rolling over for his warm belly to be rubbed; the comical actions of a squirrel trying to hide a nut.

Father, let us be fully aware of each holy moment. Let us share them all with You. We thank you for this life!

November 5, 2002


Today is Voting Day. We pray that You help us study and choose wisely as we vote for our leaders. Lord, let us choose leaders who know that ALL true authority comes from You. Let us pick officials who bow down before You in humbleness to receive Your wisdom and guidance as they lead Your people.

Father, we pray that Your will be done on this day across America as officials are elected to office. We thank You that You give us free choice. We use our freedom now, to come before You, asking for Your wisdom in determining our leaders.

Lord, as these people are chosen today, we pray that they not give in to pride and lust for power. Keep them ever mindful that kings, governors, senators and presidents are all only fleeting. You, alone reign forever and ever. Help them to fully realize that You have only allowed such a position for a short time and they have the responsibility to govern wisely and justly.

On this day, we pray for the citizens of our country to really consider and exercise their responsibility to vote as directed by You. Thank You for allowing us to be born and live in a place where we have the freedom to choose our leaders. We pray for those countries where the people live in constant fear of their officials. Help us to never take our freedom for granted.

November 6, 2002


Today we come to ask You to keep us strong. Please help us be the light of the world that You called us to be. Let us not be afraid to stand out as different in this world. Continue to point out any dark areas in our own lives- so we can be filled with more of You.

Show us how to live in this world, yet separate from it. Transform us to be more like Jesus. Help us to turn away from the temptation to be more like the world.

We thank You for the inadequacy we feel, for it truly does remind us we need You. We know we can do nothing without You. Yet, right in the middle of our weakness, You reassure us that we can do ALL things with Jesus strengthening us. You really can use us, no matter how insignificant we feel, to bring Your Kingdom here on earth!

Father, make us bold, yet gentle, in You! Let everyone around us see less of us and more of You! Shine through us.

November 7, 2002

Holy Father,

On this beautiful Fall day, we stand amazed at Your glory which glows through the rich colors of trees everywhere we go. You have surrounded us with the warmth of Your love. It has so many shades of color. You reveal Yourself continually around us if we only have open eyes to see. Open our eyes, Lord.

Let us see all the sweet blessings You continually shower us with. Keep us from being so focused on the petty things of this world that we miss You all around us. We stand amazed as You reveal more of Your richness through the colors of Autumn. This is only a tiny part of who You are- yet, You know every leaf and cause each one to turn it’s own unique hue. Every tree reflects some form of Your glory!

Your depth is beyond our comprehension, yet we know that You want to share Your glory with us. Thank You for Jesus in our hearts who causes each of us to reflect our own special shade of You. Thank You, Lord, for the delightful gift of the changing colors of Fall foliage!

November 8, 2002


On such a gorgeous day, it seems You are inviting us to leave everything behind and just take a walk outside with You. What an awesome gift- to be able to walk and talk alone with the Great I AM! You- who rules all that there is -desires an intimate walk with me!

Lord, help us drop everything just to be in Your Holy presence. Let us soak in Your holiness and love. Fill us with Your tender Spirit. Let us come to You, who knows us better than anyone else ever could. Let us spend time with You, who loves us more deeply than humanly possible. Let us walk with You, who understands each sorrow and worry better than our closest friend. Let our spirit mingle with You, who gives wisdom from a heavenly perspective. Let us embrace You and hold the hand of You, who gives us overflowing life in the midst of our journey.

Father, thank You for Your standing invitation to walk alone in Your garden of paradise with You. Let each of us choose to take a walk outside this world with You today.

November 11, 2002


I am so glad that when there is uncertainty or confusion in our lives, we can come to You. We seek Your wisdom, realizing that Your will alone is perfect. Please give us guidance. Show us the way through this chaos into Your perfect light.

Thank You for the certainty that we should not try to figure things out on our own. We desire Your leadership. You have told us that when we seek You- we will find You. We seek You now.

Help us to be still before You- knowing that You will, indeed, lead us through this trial. We do not want to go anywhere without You. We confidently seek Your will through the Bible and through prayer. We have no doubt that You will reveal the answer to us in Your perfect timing. We wait upon You, Lord.

November 12, 2002


You alone, know how to comfort us when no one else can. How we thank You for never leaving us alone as orphans in this storm. Lord, today we want to pray for all those who are dreading the holidays which are approaching. Perhaps they have had a loved one die and they cannot bear to think of celebrating without them. Father, we ask that You show them that You are right there with them. Show them that You know their pain and deep sorrow. Give them Your promise of joy and hope ahead.

Father, please reassure them that they will once again be reunited with their loved ones in an ultimate celebration in Your presence. We ask that You give them bonds of love with new people, not to take away from the love they shared with their love one- but to experience the fact that there is no end to how much we can love.

Lord, for those who dread the holidays because of family discourse, we ask that You bring about a sweet healing of relationships. Let there be a newness of love where there has been a lack. Help us all keep our eyes on You for ways we can bring more love to those around us and more opportunities to pray for others.

Take away the dread and fill it with Your hope!

November 13, 2002

Heavenly Father,

Today we come to You in all humbleness, knowing we can do nothing without You. There are some things which are obviously too big for us to try to handle on our own. There appears to be no human answer for the situation we face.

Thank You for leading us to these places. These are the times where there is no where to go- except to You. No one has the answer- except You. There is no way this can be accomplished- except by Your hand alone. This is actually a wonderful place to be. Now we can present it to You. As it begins to resolve- we will know that no one could answer this prayer except You alone.

There is no way for us to take credit for what happens or to declare it a coincidence. Forgive us for the many times we do just that. Let us bring all things to You- not just when there’s no where else to go. Let us see You at work in every situation we give to You- not just the ones we’ve tried every other way.

As we present this problem to You, let us watch with open eyes to see You at work. Let us never forget to thank You for answering our many prayers. The more we bring to You, the more we’ll see answered. You are an amazing God- who delights in delighting us! We love You, Lord!

November 14, 2002


We come to sit at Your feet- just so we can be in Your presence and soak in Your love. Let us leave the world behind, and all the busy-ness which calls our name and be still before You. You, alone are God Almighty!

You hold everything we need and could ever desire in Your hands and You long to give it to us. Help us to calm our hearts, minds and souls so we can take in all You want to share with us.

You know that Your riches far surpass anything we could ever find in this world. You don’t force it on us. You call us and wait for us to come and sit at Your very throne. When we come to You and spend time with You, all the treasures of Heaven begin to pour into our very souls. How can we ever thank You for loving us so? How can we ever be so stubborn as to turn our backs on You? How can we repay You for the never-ending peace You give when we come to You?

Lord, please help our love to grow. Let us love more like You every day from this day forward!

November 15, 2002


It is amazing to think that You see way down into our souls to who we really are. You see past the make-up, past the false bravado, past any masks, beyond every fault and weakness. You see the very unique person You created and You said “It is good.”

There’s no doubt we disappoint You with our bad choices, our selfish attitudes, our lack of love, the terrible stubbornness which hangs on to our own silly ways. Yet You know all we can be, when we truly ask Jesus to be absolute Lord of our lives. You know that when He lives in our hearts, we can become holy and pure.

You are so patient and loving with us, yet at the same time You are firm and use Your discipline to correct and shape us to be all You know we can be in You. It is a wonderful life to know we are in Your hands- that You are continually leading us in this life towards Home.

Please keep searching our hearts for all that does not belong there. Bring it to our attention so we can turn away from it and be more of what You see in us!

November 19, 2002

Heavenly Father,

Watching the meteor shower last night, once again Your majesty and endless loving power rained down on us! Your creations are magnificent. It is mind-boggling to consider the way You designed our atmosphere to not only sustain life-giving oxygen for us, but as an unseen blanket of protection, always on guard against whatever is hurled at us.

Whether we are at sleep in bed and don’t even notice; or whether our eyes are so preoccupied with the dazzle of worldly lights- You are always watching over us. There is an absolute security in knowing that nothing gets through Your guard that You are not aware of. You keep so much away from us that we never realize. Thank You for never sleeping. Thank You for reminding us to look up towards Heavenly things.

The more we look at You, the more we see the awesome ways You are constantly working in our lives. We look at the stars and planets and stand amazed at what You have thought into existence. What has been there since the beginning is burned up in a flash to protect Your beloved children. You are far beyond our comprehension, yet right here with us through Your Son Jesus. We love You, Lord. We cannot wait to see the full glory of Heaven from Your side!

November 20, 2002


You are so patient and loving. You long for us to love and care for others the way You do. Lord, please search every hidden crevice of in our lives and point out what shouldn’t be there. Bring it to our attention so we can get rid of it completely. We want every space to be taken by You. Fill us so completely that Your love overflows to everyone around us.

Father, on this day- we want to lift up those we know who have addictions to drugs and alcohol in their lives. Let us never give up holding them before You in prayer. Let us never underestimate what You can do as we pray them. We choose to bring them before You in prayer when they cannot bring themselves. Father, lead them to the point where they are disgusted of living in the insidious dark prison of substance abuse. Give them a deep desire to want a clean and pure life with You. Give them hope that it truly is possible with You. Help us to hold onto hope for them and continually pray for them. We will not give up this battle.

Thank You, Lord, for those who have already been set free from the hell of substance abuse. We praise You for the seen victories and those to come. Remind us to do our part by praying for those who believe they are trapped with no way out. Thank You that we are FREE in Jesus!! Let us never give up holding Your freedom before others who are being pulled into death itself. Let them come to know the freedom we have.

November 21, 2002

Prayer- dirty laundry

Heavenly Father,

Thank You for this massive mountain of dirty laundry! Remind me that it won’t be long before all the kids have left home. Let me do this for my family out of sweet love for them. As soon as I begin to grumble and feel sorry for myself, bring to my remembrance my dearest friend whose child died. She has less laundry to do.

Father, let me praise You for each beloved person You have placed in my family as I sort the colors. Help me to pray for each child as I check their pockets for who-knows what? Let me ask You for Your loving guidance in each life as I search for pairs of matching socks. Lord, please cleanse my heart of all unselfishness just as surely as the dirt is washed away from these smelly gym shorts!

Change my heart, Father. Let me do this out of complete love and devotion to my family and to You. How I thank You for the cherished gift of each person in my family. Lord, I am amazed that You have given me so much in my life. My blessings are as overflowing as this laundry hamper. Let me never grumble or take for granted the chance You have given to me to love so many family members with so many clothes!

Lord, I also pray for my friend who has so little laundry in her life right now. Please give her other blessings that are tailor-made just for her. Thank You for our friendship and the fact that I know she loves me so much- she would come help me with mine in a moments notice!

Father, I also want to thank you so much for washing machines and dryers! I love You, Lord.

November 22, 2002

Holy Father,

You truly are indeed the Master, King, and Creator of love. You must be so pleased when we finally “get it” and really love You and those around us. Help us to “get it” even more!

Thank You for the precious friends You have given us. Thank You for the ones we barely know and those who are closer than a sister or brother. How rich we feel to be forever bound in Your love with such a wide variety of delightful people. You designed us to need one another and we are so grateful.

What a great idea to make us incomplete without You and without others. We were never meant to stand alone, were we Lord? As a dear sister in Christ pointed out- we only bloom when we are attached with all the other petals. We are all held together with Your love.

Father, we lift before You each of our dear friends. Give us open eyes to see the unique beauty You placed in each of them. Please give them Your incredible peace and overflowing joy as they live with You. Lord, please guide them. Help them to stop and look to You for each step. Let Your fragrance and colors shine through them.

Help us love, encourage, inspire and pray for our friends. Take away our stubbornness and self-sufficiency. Let us see our need for them, also.

Father, above all, we thank You for Jesus being our greatest Friend. He’s never too busy. He’s never too wrapped up in his own self. He sees the worst in us yet expects the best from us. He is much more than a friend. Thank You for loving us so much that You sent us Jesus. Help us be more than a friend to You. We love You, Lord!

November 25, 2002

My Heavenly Father,

You are my Lord God Almighty. I come into Your presence with praise and thanksgiving. Since this is the week of Thanksgiving, my heart longs to express deep gratefulness to You. I know just where to start…

Father, above all I love You and thank You for sending Jesus to die for me so that I can live with You. It is beyond my comprehension that You love me so much that You would send Your only Son to die for me. Who am I that You would care so much? I think back and try to compare my old life without You and my new life with You. It is as different as heaven and hell. Before, I was so lost and fearful, always crying out in anguish. The world seemed so unfair and out-of-control.

Once I finally came to the point in my life that I knew I needed You, I asked You to forgive me for trying to live without You. I asked Jesus to come live in my heart and HE DID! How different it is to go through life with the assurance of You- God Almighty, the Creator of all there is- in my life. There is nothing to fear. I will never be alone. You are all I need. You are my joy, my peace, my hope. You give me strength when I have nothing. You give me hope when I see darkness. You give me boldness when I feel meek. You give me love when I feel hurt or alone. You give me compassion for the unlovable. You pick me up when I fall. You hold my hand and reassure me when the way seems unclear. I trust You to lead me all the way through this life to my Home with You.

Lord, how I thank You for my eternal life with You. How I thank you for saving me from a hellish life without You. Thank You, Father for Jesus!! Thank You for living in my heart. Let my whole life be a gift of thanksgiving to You!!!

November 26, 2002


Continuing in thanksgiving, Lord… I want to thank You for Your amazing faithfulness. You have never left me alone or given up on me. I can look back on my life and see where You have always been with me leading me on towards You.

You were with me before I was ever born. You had Your hand on me when I was frightened as a child. You rescued me from danger. You kept calling my name. You saw all my mistakes and showed me the way out. You showered me with love when I felt all alone. You’ve shown me joy in the births and lives of my children. You were with me through heartache and suffering. You walked with me through the Valley of the shadow of death. You held me as I sobbed in grief. You restored my soul. You are with me all the days of my life.

You are still with me. Nothing shall ever separate us. You have joined me to You through Jesus and Your Holy Spirit. You surround me with peace and love and joy. How I thank You for Your faithfulness. You still call my name and ask me to follow You. I want to be faithful to You all the days of my life unto my very last breath.

November 27, 2002


There have been good times and hard times, but You have taught me to be content in all situations. You have shown me there are always things to be thankful for. Lord, I choose not to look at my cup as empty or even half-full. Let me truly sit down and count my blessings so my cup will overflow with gratitude to You- no matter what is going on right now.

Lord, I thank You for a warm house to live in, fresh air to breathe, children to care for, food to cook, a husband to share life with, a car that gets me around, friends to care about, family that cares about me, the birds searching for food, the sun warming my soul, a bed to cuddle up in, precious memories from the past, cherished moments today, hope for the future, freedom to worship You, freedom from the hopelessness of life without You, someone to love, a new puppy to snuggle with, an old dog to sit with, grandkids to play with, teens to watch mature, grown kids to marvel at, hard times You’ve got me through, neighbors to pray for, teachers who give their all, pastors who follow You, a president who prays, relatives who are forever, strangers who smile and visit like they’ve known me forever, check-out clerks who remember me, warm dry socks, good books, bright blue skies, the excitement of new life as a friend gives their life to You, knowing You are God and all is well, sweet prayer time with You…

Father, I pray that our lists go on and on. You give us so much. Let us truly concentrate on what we have and remember to thank You for it. The more I thank You- the more I identify with the Jimmy Dean song my brother-in-law sent me today that says…”I’m drinking from my saucer- cause my cup overflowed!”



Oct. 1

Dear Lord,

Your love is unfathomable. How can You love us so deeply and completely? You love us when we hurt. You love us when we are stubborn and rebellious. You love us when we are proud and self-righteous. Even when You see all the sin and weakness in our hearts, you still love us.

You love those who have mental disabilities and those who think they can do anything. You love those with physical handicaps and those who push their bodies to the limit. You love those who have self-confidence and those who hate who they are. You love the newborn baby and the old man who wets himself. You love the fireman who gives his life for another as well as the murderer who plots to kill.

How can You love us so? You loved Hitler, each of the terrorists who killed so many and Osama Ben Laden enough to send Your beloved Son to die for them. You loved me enough to have Jesus die in my place so I could choose to accept Your love. So I might know what real love is.

Father, thank You for such a gift! Help us to comprehend Jesus’ death for us. Thank You for the eternal life that we have even now as we give our lives to You. Father, forgive us for taking so long to ask You into our lives. Help us never forget or take for granted the high price You paid for our freedom. Let us never grow tired of spending time with the greatest love of our life. Let us love You because You first loved us!

Lord, we pray for those who have not accepted Your gift of Jesus in their hearts. Lord, we remember what it’s like to try to live without You. We choose You. We choose life. We pray for those who are still groping in the darkness without You.

Father, please soften their hearts. Use us to introduce them to You. Lord, we know You desire for each one to be brought into Your love. Remind us to love those who are still searching. Help us to pray for them. Help us to forgive them when they mock us or hurt us or misunderstand us. Help us to never give up loving them just as You never give up on us. Father, help us to tell them what You have done in our lives. Let them see us filled with Your love. Let them see the peace and joy that You give us. Let them want You for themselves. Let them know life let them know You!

October 2


How different things must look to You than they do to us. You have the most high Heavenly perspective. It is awesome to come to You, knowing that You have all the answers and know what is perfect and best for every situation. Lord, forgive us when we only come to You to tell You how to do things in our lives. Instead help us to come, knowing that Your way is best. And for every problem, when we ask the way it is Jesus.

Father, we come now into Your holy presence to seek You and Your will for our lives. You have promised that when we seek You and put You first in our lives, everything else will fall into place. We come to You now, for You are the way. You are the truth. You are our life.

You long to give us so much, but we are busy worrying, running here and there and trying to fit in all this world has to offer. Lord, help us just be still with You right now. Quiet our minds and hearts so we can hear Your still small voice.

Father, help us be still and know that You are God. Help us to trust You with all our worries and concerns. Father, we give everything to You right now. We know that You are at work and will accomplish Your will as we quit trying to do it all on our own. We surrender to You.

Thank You for the sweet peace that comes, as we trust You.

October 3

Heavenly Father,

Good afternoon! We praise You for always being available to us no matter what time of the day or night. You are always waiting always hoping we’ll come into Your presence and spend some time with You. Lord, it is unimaginable that You can see so intimately into each of hearts. You know and love each of us more than we’ll ever know. Your deepest desire is for us to love you back. Father, keep us coming into Your Holy presence. We will naturally grow in our love for You as we spend more and more time with You.

Lord, today we ask that You help us be the mates you want us to be. Father, help us to love, honor and cherish the one that You put in our lives. We thank you for the blessing of the special relationship between husband and wife. Let us not ever take it for granted. Father, help us to speak to them and about them in a way that shows honor to them and honor to You. Father, help us think of all their best qualities instead of their faults. Let us be ever thankful for this person You have given us to love. Lord, this evening help us to truly enjoy their company and let them know that we truly love them. Help us to continually hold our spouse up in prayer before You. We thank you for them and pray that You show us how we can help them to be all that You see in them. Lord, help us be patient with their weaknesses just as we hope You will help them with ours.

Lord, please help our marriages to become stronger as we begin to center our hearts and homes on You. We love You and we thank you for the sweet gift of marriage so we don’t have to be lonely or face this world alone.

October 7


You are so faithful. You are always here, always loving us, always seeing something better for us. Father, You are here in the sweet coolness of this fresh morning. You have been with us all night long and all weekend long. You see the innermost parts of our very souls. You see every hidden crevice where secret thoughts lie. You alone, know our every thought and fear and hope. You have fearfully and wonderfully made useach with a unique personality and combinations of gifts no one else in the world has.

Father, we come to You so we might become all You created us to be. We know You have made us in Your own image. Does that mean we have the ability to love and honor as You do? Lord, we ask that You continue to show us how to love. We want to be able to show You our love. We want to make You smile as You watch usYour children learn to live in love.

Lord, we ask for You to forgive us when we fall short and give in to selfish desires demanding our own way. Please show us those hurtful attitudes You want us to get rid of. Make them very apparent to us. Let us see the dark sin in our own lives so that we might turn to You, seeking the cleansing You have offered us through Jesus. As we discover it and seek Your forgiveness, help us go and sin no more.

Father, as we start this workweek, help us to enjoy the work You have given us to do. Let us offer our work to You as a pleasing gift. Help us to do it well and with a deep desire that others will see You living in us. Work in us and through us today. Let us continually be in prayer through our work. We invite You into our work place right now.

October 8

To our most Holy God and Father,

We praise You for the rain. Thank you for the sweet refreshing rain, which quenches the dried up grass. Once again, each blade springs up with new life. Thank you for soaking us with Your living water as we come to You with dry parched souls. We come to You weary, dried up and thirsty. In Your Holy presence, we find cool clean rain, which soothes and refreshes our very souls.

No matter how hot and tired we are from our earthly battle, You are always here ready to give us exactly what we need. You are our spring of life and hope. You are our rock. You are our safe place from the harsh heat of this world. You truly lead us beside still waters and restore our souls. You give us hope. You give us joy!

Father, we ask that You guide us as parents. You gave us an awesome responsibility when You entrusted these young souls to our care. Father, we cannot parent without Your help. Show us when to be firm and when to be patient. Help us to always point to You, as their true guide. Help us never to take this precious job for granted. Father, we lift up parents whose children have died and left them with a heart that longs to nurture and guide. Give them the sweetest comfort that only You can give. Reassure them that we never quit being parents. Sustain them until they can hold their beloved child once again.

Lord, let us take our job as seriously as You have given it. Let each moment from the first cry of their infant years to the stretching of wings of their teen years be treasured to the fullest. We humbly realize there is no way we could ever do this job on our own. Please help us. We know what we do now will impact not only our kids but their children and their children’s children. We thank you for the priceless gift of children and grandchildren. Thank you for the deep love You have given us for each of our kids. Let us see them through Your eyes. Let us raise them and guide them in a way that brings joy to Your heart.

October 9

O Lord, our God,

No matter if it’s gloomy or bright, You are with us. You have never left us. You have been with us through every season of our lives. You are with us through the good times and the bad, the pain and the joy. There is nothing we can go through that You do not go through it with us. There is nowhere we can go to get away from You. You were with us when we were still a child. You saw every pain, every fear, every excitement and hope. You have been with us through our teen years and young adult years when we thought we knew it all. You are so faithful to us.

Father, help us to be here for You. Let us come to You no matter what we are going through. Help us share everything in our lives with You the deep hurts and the simple pleasures. How we thank You for this life You have given us. You take every hurt and turn it into good when we love You. Once again, we thank you for our children. What blessings to love those who are created in our image. What joy we feel when they are happy. What pain we feel when they hurt. How proud we are as we watch them grow.

Father, continue to teach us how to be the parents You want us to be. Help us to be there for all seasons for our children. Help them to know they can count on us but even more than us they can count on You. Lord, let them see You so alive in our lives that they will desire more of You for themselves. Show us how to stand beside them cheering them on as they grow through whatever season they’re in right now. Our deepest prayer is for them to come to know You for themselves.

October 11

My Lord, my God, my Savior, my King, my Friend,

You are our counselor, our Guide, our Life, our All. Father, we come to You to just be in Your Holy presence. You sit upon Your heavenly throne, hoping and waiting for us to come each day. Father, help us be still and know that You are God. Let us consider the vastness of Your creation. You thought into existence every galaxy that we know of and ones we’ll continue to discover until the end of time.


You are God of the monumental mountain ranges, which stand solid, and majestic for millions of years yet You are also the God of the fluttering Monarch butterfly who only lives one day. It is so difficult to comprehend Your Majesty and power, yet You know and love each of us so intimately and long for us to spend time with You.

Father, we love You. Help us love You more. Remind us to come into Your presence and desire to get to know You as You know us. You have so much You desire to give us if we will only come to You. What You have to offer far outweighs anything else in this world. The peace and joy and wisdom we find in Your presence are more precious than all the money in this world. Lord, we need You. You are our true life.

Father, we continue to pray for our children. You have given us cherished gifts in each child. You know what it is to love Your own child. You know how You long to protect and hold them close to You and keep them free from pain. Yet You sent Your Son to suffer and die in our place so we might know how much You love us. Father, help us to more fully understand the deep love You have given us through the gift of Your Son, Jesus.

Father, let us share in Your love by giving You our lives. Take our lives and mold them. Help us be all You created us to be. Father, we also ask You to help us mold and shape our children to be all You created them to be.

Thank you for this life. Thank you for our children, for this beautiful Fall day. Thank you for saving us from a life wrapped up in sin, selfishness and obsession for things of this world. Thank you for giving us Your Son so we could live our lives eternally with You. Let us begin living our lives in Your Holy presence!

October 14

O Lord, our God,

Thank you for the quiet stillness of Your voice. Let us tune out this world and tune You in. There is so much noise clanging around us, yet all we have to do is turn to You and You are there. You are peace and calm. You alone, soothe our souls. You alone calm our fears and restore our spirits. The world clamors for our attention, demanding that we worry about this and that. You call us to lay all worries at Your feet. The world convinces us we need all the latest clothes, gadgets and material things. You reassure us You are all we need. The world tells us to demand our rights. You ask us to give up our rights.

Lord, Your ways are so high above the world’s ways. We stand amazed at Your truth. As we come to You and truly begin to follow Your Son, we can never turn back to the world’s ways. You alone offer us truth and peace and joy and love. The world can only offer cheap imitations.

Father, we ask that You help us keep our focus on You at all times. Bring it immediately to our attention when we are slipping back into our old ways. We long to live in Your light. Keep us under Your heavenly wings. Help us to persevere all the way through this life. Let us be found living for You with all our hearts when it’s time for our last breath here on earth. Father, we want You to be able to say, “Well done, faithful servant” when we stand before You in all Your glory. We love You, Lord, and we long to live with You even now. This day is Yours!!

October 17

Lord God Almighty,

You are here when no one else is around. You stay with us when everyone else walks away. We can always count on You. You understand when no one else seems to. It is such a joy to be able to turn to You and come into Your presence. You are our Rock. When we stand on You, the world cannot shake us. There is absolutely nothing we cannot face with You. There is nothing to fear when we have the Creator God of all there is as our best friend, our guide, and our safe place to run to.

Father, how we thank you for preparing a way that we can come straight to You because of Jesus. Jesus, how we praise You for being willing to die for us in spite of our unworthiness so we could come straight to the throne room of God. Jesus, how precious is Your love and our Father’s love to go to such lengths to draw us back to You.

Lord, we humbly come before You, asking that You help us love You in return. Please accept our meager love, which pales in contrast to Yours. Father, fill us with Your love so we might know how to go forth full of Your Holy Spirit. Show us how to shine out for You in this world, which is held captive by darkness. Thank you for our own freedom from the chains of this world. Let us fly free with You. Let us live our lives in a way that brings joy to Your heart. Show us how to bring Your Kingdom here on earth as it is in Heaven.

Father, on this day let us love those around us without reservation. Reveal to us immediately when something other than love creeps into our hearts. Help us to instantly turn away from it and back to Your love. Let us hope for the best for our co-workers and neighbors. Let us have Your eyes to see those who normally irritate us. Show us how to love them the way You do.

October 21


I am so grateful that You are so patient with us. Even once we have given You our lives, we fall short of where we hoped to be. We want so badly to do the right thing, yet there are times when we fall down. Father, how kind and loving You are to patiently pick us back up and set us once again on solid ground. You know that we need You. You know there is no way to be good and holy on our own.

Thank You for Jesus in our lives. Thank You for his willingness to take the fall for our mistakes. Father, thank you for hoping for the best for us. You see all we can be. You see all You created us to be and You continually hope that we will ask for Your help to get there.

Lord, we thank You for forgiving us, just as soon as we turn to You with a regretting heart. You have wiped our mistakes away and give us a brand new start. You encourage us and let us know we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Father, thank you for not leaving us alone in our sins and in this harsh world. You are with us. You will lift us up and show us the way.

Father, please help us to have open eyes focused directly on You so we know the way. It is such a blessing to know that Jesus is the way. All we have to do is live with Him. Thank You that You have mercy on us in our meager attempts to be good. You alone are holy, yet You have prepared a way for us to be Holy through Jesus. What a wonderful plan You made for us. How we praise You for Your love and Your mercy for us.

Lord, help us to have mercy on those around us. Show us how to give them a helping hand up when they fall.

October 22, 2002


We praise You for the freedom You give us in choosing whether or not we love You. You didn’t have to give us free choice, yet You did. I guess it wouldn’t be real love unless it was a choice.

We praise You for loving us even when we are unlovable. You are such pure love that You have to love us. You love beyond our comprehension of what it means. Lord, we continue to ask that You help us to love You and those around us more each day.

Father, we pray for our nation today. You gave people many years ago a vision of a country where everyone has the freedom to worship You without fear of ridicule, imprisonment or punishment. We thank you for the people who fought hard to gain this right. We are humbled at the thought of how many died to give us the choice to openly worship You with all our hearts. There is no greater gift than someone who would lay down his life for us. We thank you for those who were willing to do that.

Lord, please help us to never take this blessing for granted. We deeply and humbly pray for our country on this day. Forgive our country for becoming so wrapped up in wealth and selfishness that we ignore You. Lord, it was not that long ago that many men gave their lives so that we could continue to live in a land that was founded on worshipping You freely. Let us not take this blessed inheritance for granted. It could be taken away in an instant like it is in other countries. Father, we desire to kneel in humble prayer before You, asking that You take notice- that we choose freely on this day to acknowledge our great need for You. We kneel on behalf of our country.

Forgive our selfishness, our obsession with worldly things, our pride in thinking we do not need You.

Father, we pray for a great revival, a turning to You. We pray that hearts be changed so greatly that our country is brought back into Your Holy presence. God, let there be a change of hearts as never before and let it begin with me.

October 23, 2002

Holy Father,

You see things so much differently than we do. You see everything from an eternal view. We can only see through the fog of this life. Your way is far wiser than we can imagine. Someday we will stand in Your Holy presence and be completely amazed at the wonders of Your plans. You knew from the beginning as You created this earth. You knew from the beginning as You thought us up and placed us in our mother’s womb. You knew from the beginning that this life is only temporary. We really live for a far greater life with You.

Yet this life is important, too. Father, we pray for all those who face death. Lord, strengthen and give courage to those who live in the area where the sniper’s gun could kill them in an instant as they go about their daily life. Strengthen and give peace to those who have illnesses, which will no doubt end their earthly lives. Strengthen and encourage those who are fighting battles on behalf of their fellow men. Give Your peace to those who are left behind when a loved one is suddenly taken.

Lord, thank you for the promise that this life is not the end. Thank You for the hope that there will come a time when death will have no hold over us. Lord, let us be ready.

Father, no one- except You- knows the hour or the day when it will be our time to leave this life. Let us be ready. No matter when that time comes, and it will surely come, let us be living for You and with You. Help us to live for You so completely, that when death comes- we will be ready and eager to go with You.

Help us have no fear over anything this world brings against us for we know that You are with us giving us everything we need. In You, there is no death- only life. Lord, help us to live this life as if it’s our last day on earth. Let us live eternally everyday with You!

October 24, 2002

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for the reassurance that even though the world seems in chaos and out of control- that You are here with us. There is nothing that goes on that You don’t know about and cannot make good blessings come from. Father, help us to come into Your Holy presence often so we can be reminded of who You are. You created all that there was, is and ever will be. You looked at all You created and said it was good.

You knew there would be evil and darkness, but You know that Your love and goodness always prevails in the end. Father, help us to trust You even when we don’t understand what’s going on. Remind us when we doubt or question that You are God and You know exactly what You are doing.

Thank You for the right to run into Your presence when we get overwhelmed, feel weak, don’t understand, question or fear. You never fail to strengthen us and lift us up in Your love. You are our hope, our strength, our answer. You are everything we could ever need. We love You and are so grateful that You care so deeply about us.

October 25, 2002


There are some days we don’t feel like coming into Your presence. We are busy. There is so much to do. Lord, please forgive us for thinking that our agenda is much more important than Yours.

We come to You today to worship You and honor You, for You alone know what is best for us on this day. Even though we may not feel like coming, we come. Once we are in Your presence we remember this is the most important place to be. How could we possibly know how to spend our day until we come to You to be filled and sent out?

We were made to be in Your presence- to be one with You. Anything in this world or anything we might try to do on our own pales in comparison. You are what makes our life rich and full and complete. More than anything, You long for our company. We don’t always realize it, but we long for Yours, too. We need You.

Lord, let our hearts, minds and spirits stop right where they are and rise up to meet with You. Father, accept this time with You as our love gift to you. May it bring joy to Your heart as Your children just stop and are still in Your company. Fill us on this day that we might go out from our time with You and invite others into Your love!

October 28, 2002

Lord God Almighty,

We stand in amazement as we see You at work. It gives us such joy to watch the ways You are constantly moving and molding the lives of Your children. You are so ALIVE and involved in everything we invite You into. The more we spend time with You in prayer, the more we realize how vital it is to live constantly in Your presence. A whole new life opens up as we ask for Your will to be done in more and more areas.

Thank You for using other people to bless us and thank You for using us to bless others. Lord, we ask that You open our eyes to see You more clearly. How exciting and humbling it is to live with You and see You draw people unto Yourself. What a joy to work with You and to see the way You change lives!! Life is such an adventure with You.

You are most Holy and wise. Help us to be patient, yet persistent in praying for others. As we lift them up to You, You immediately begin working in their lives and in their hearts- just as You do in us! Father, what a sweet blessing to be able to share Your love with those around us. You join us together as one in You.

Let us go forward on this day with our eyes open, expecting to see You at work. Let us see You all around us. Let us know that You are God!

October 30, 2002

Heavenly Father,

You did not leave us alone in the darkness. You are a God of love and mercy. You sent Jesus to bring us Your Light! Life never looks the same again once we live in Your glorious Light. You bring us hope, peace, joy, wisdom and guidance. Jesus lights our way. Fear, agony and hopelessness lose their power when we turn to You. The chains are broken and we can live freely with You.

All around us, the world cries out from fear and anguish of life in the darkness. You have saved us from that life and given us the brightness of Your Son. You did not leave us alone to stumble and hopelessly feel our way. All we have to do is turn to You and You fill us once again with even more of Your glory. Lord, how we love life with You. What a secure feeling to know we are in Your holy hands.

Father, we ask You to fill us so full of the Light of Your Son that we radiate to those around us. Let them see You shining through us! Help us be the light of the world. There are so many around us who still grapple in the fear and despair of the dark. Father, we ask that You use us to reach our hand out to them and pull them to a bright life with You. Let us shine so brightly that we help Your Kingdom come here on earth as it is in Heaven!!

October 31, 2002

My Lord, my God,

You are my secret hiding place. No matter what’s going on in my world, I can run to You and find shelter and safety. There is nothing that is so big that I cannot find peace in Your presence.

With You, I find understanding. You know every fear, every doubt, every sin, every secret dream. You know me better than anyone else possibly could. You know me better than I know myself. You knew me even when I was in my mother’s womb. You were the one who thought of me before I even existed and gave birth to who I am. You see each tear before it even spills out.

Even though You see my every weakness and fault, You still love me. You, Lord, see the best in me and long for me to become all You created me to be by living with You. Thank You for your patience, your understanding, Your guidance, the hope You have for me.

Thank You most of all for being my secret hiding place- where I can come into Your presence for all my needs. In this place- in Your presence- You give me eternal life and then You send me back out into the world. I love You, Lord, for always being here waiting for me.


September 26, 2002

Heavenly Father,

How sweet it is to stop and be with You before our day gets too far. You are here in the coolness of this morning. You are fresh and invigorating like the early morning air. We need You, Lord. You are our very life and hope. What good is life without You? Loving You is our purpose in life. We want to enter Your gates with thanksgiving and praise.

Lord, You are the maker of the galaxy. You know each and every star and grain of sand on the beach yet You know each of our hearts even more. You knew us before we were even formed in our mother’s wombs. You created us out of love. Your love goes beyond our understanding. Your love is unfathomable. We can barely comprehend the vastness of the gift of Your Son. How could You love us so much that You would send Your Only Son to die for us when we still turned our backs on You and ignored You? You wanted us in Your lives so much that You willingly gave Jesus for us! Just so we could comprehend Your love and come right now into Your Holy presence.

Father, we know we stand on Holy ground. We know You love us. Help us to love You more. Let us love unselfishly.

Lord, please forgive us when all we demand is our own way. Be patient with us as we learn to give all our lives to You and to others. Help us be willing to lay down our own lives for You. Your will is so much more perfect than ours. We could never see Your eternal plan as You do. Help us to trust You in each situation. Help us to turn to You and dwell in Your Holy presence no matter what’s going on. You are really all we need.

Father, today we ask that You make us more loving towards others. For You have said that if we say we love You, yet hate our brother we are a liar. Father, we want to do more than just say we love You. Show us how. Show us how to love others as You love us. Help us to more fully love our mate, our children and grandchildren, our neighbors, co-workers, strangers and even our enemies. Help us to love with Your unselfish love!

September 27

Holy Father,

Here we are again coming into Your presence no matter what our mood is. We know we need You. We know life just isn’t right without spending time with You. We need you like the grass needs rain. We know we whither and dry up without this time with You.

Lord, we come knowing that we will leave refreshed and renewed. We come to You because we grow weary and discouraged and unhappy without You. Everything that breathes needs You. The flowers turn their faces towards the sunlight for they know to whom they belong and where their life comes from. Father, we turn want to turn our faces to You now.

We long for Your presence. We know we cannot live an overflowing life without You. But, Lord, we also want to come to bring You joy. We know that You long for our company.

Forgive us when we rebelliously try to live our daily lives without coming to You. Forgive our busyness with things.

Lord, help us to slow down and enjoy You. Help us to be still and come to know You better. Show us more of who You are. Give us watchful eyes to see You more clearly. Help us to slow down and enjoy the many wonders You surround us with. Forgive us for being so preoccupied with manmade things.

Father, this weekend, let us all slow down and just love You and others You place around us.

September 30

Heavenly Father,

Thank You for always being here just waiting for us to turn to You. We come to You now to praise You. Father, thank you for creating us in Your image. Thank You for loving us as Your very own beloved children. We come to You no matter how we feel, for we know You are our source of life our Joy our peace our hope. Life is not worth living except when lived with You. You are what we need.

We know we can face anything with You. We never want be separated from You. You are there when everyone else has left. Even when we feel all alone, misunderstood, or rejected by this world, we know there is nowhere we could ever go that You are not with us. Thank you for never leaving us alone. Thank You for sending Your Holy Spirit to live in our hearts so we know without a doubt that You are with us.

Who or what should we fear when You are with us? You know us better than anyone else possibly could. You know us better than we know ourselves. You knew us even before we were born; while we were still being formed in our mother’s womb. You gave us each individual personalities and gifts that only You knew. You still are bringing forth our full potential as we continue to come to You and give you our lives.

Father, today we want to give You all our life, all our heart and all our soul. We willingly place ourselves completely in Your hands. You, who created us for this certain time and place, know best what we need to be. Therefore we give ourselves to You. We ask that You guide us. Show us what needs to be cut out of our life that stands in Your way. Show us how to trust You more. Show us how to look to You for everything everyday.

Father, You truly are our Father our Creator, our Guide, our Comforter, our Teacher, our Life! Help us to be still and know that You, alone, are our God.

Oct. 1

Dear Lord,

Your love is unfathomable. How can You love us so deeply and completely? You love us when we hurt. You love us when we are stubborn and rebellious. You love us when we are proud and self-righteous. Even when You see all the sin and weakness in our hearts, you still love us.

You love those who have mental disabilities and those who think they can do anything. You love those with physical handicaps and those who push their bodies to the limit. You love those who have self-confidence and those who hate who they are. You love the newborn baby and the old man who wets himself. You love the fireman who gives his life for another as well as the murderer who plots to kill.

How can You love us so? You loved Hitler, each of the terrorists who killed so many and Osama Ben Laden enough to send Your beloved Son to die for them. You loved me enough to have Jesus die in my place so I could choose to accept Your love. So I might know what real love is.

Father, thank You for such a gift! Help us to comprehend Jesus’ death for us. Thank You for the eternal life that we have even now as we give our lives to You. Father, forgive us for taking so long to ask You into our lives. Help us never forget or take for granted the high price You paid for our freedom. Let us never grow tired of spending time with the greatest love of our life. Let us love You because You first loved us!

Lord, we pray for those who have not accepted Your gift of Jesus in their hearts. Lord, we remember what it’s like to try to live without You. We choose You. We choose life. We pray for those who are still groping in the darkness without You.

Father, please soften their hearts. Use us to introduce them to You. Lord, we know You desire for each one to be brought into Your love. Remind us to love those who are still searching. Help us to pray for them. Help us to forgive them when they mock us or hurt us or misunderstand us. Help us to never give up loving them just as You never give up on us. Father, help us to tell them what You have done in our lives. Let them see us filled with Your love. Let them see the peace and joy that You give us. Let them want You for themselves. Let them know life let them know You!